Tenkara Lines & Tippet

See our guide to choosing the right furled line. 

Shogun Bushi Combo Furled LinesShogun & Bushi Line Combo$24.99

Oudachi Katana Combo Furled LinesOudachi & Katana Line Combo$32.99


Katana Furled Tenkara Line - Premium lineKatana Furled Line$18.00

Oudachi Nymphing Tenkara Furled LineOudachi Nymphing Line$18.50


Shogun Furled Tenkara line for light weight nymphingShogun Light Nymph Line$14.00

Tachi Furled LineTachi Furled Line$18.50


Bushi Furled LineBushi Furled Line$16.00


NISSIN Oni Tenkara Level LineNISSIN ONI Level Line$18.99

YAMATOYO Hi-Vis Tenkara Level LineYAMATOYO Hi-Vis Level Line$16.99


Sanyo Valcan LOW-VIS Tenkara Level LineSanyo Low-Vis Level Line$22.99

Tenkara Line Cards for Level LineTenkara Line Cards$5.00


Otter Butter Line FloatantOtter Butter Line Floatant$5.50

Fujino Soft Tenkara Line TaperedFujino Soft Tenkara Line$15.00


Light PVC Floating Tenkara LineLight PVC Floating Tenkara Line$9.00

Level Taper Fly line 100ft.Level Taper Fly line 100ft.$29.99


Moonlit Quality TippetMoonlit Quality Tippet$2.99

Moonlit Fluorocarbon TippetMoonlit Fluorocarbon Tippet$7.49


Maxima Fluorocarbon LineMaxima Fluorocarbon Tippet$9.95

Tenkara Starter KitTenkara Starter Kitstarting at $18.50


2mm Tippet Rings25 Pack 2mm Tippet Rings$3.29

Macro-Swivels25 Pack Macro-Swivels$3.79


EVA Foam Tenkara Line Holders 6 packEVA Foam Line Holders (6 pack)$6.00

Wide Channel Foam Line HoldersWide Foam Line Holders (6 pack)$6.00


Meiho Chibamaru Tenkara Line Spools (70mm)Meiho Line Holders (2 pack)$7.99

Fly Line NippersFly Line Nippers$4.25


Tenkara Snap-On Line WindersTenkara Snap-On Line Winders$10.00


2 thoughts on “Tenkara Lines & Tippet

    1. DRAGONtail Tenkara Post author

      The Bushi line is a great all around line and excels at lightly presenting dry flies, it does need floatant to float.

      The Shogun is a great casting line that sinks just a bit faster than the Bushi but it still floats well with floatant.

      The DePuy also casts well and floats in the surface film of the water without floatant and has vibrant colors.

      Sunline Level Line is a stiff colored fluorocarbon fishing line that can be cut to the length you want, some people prefer level line and others furled. It is just a personal preference thing.


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