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“Providing affordable quality in Tenkara gear” is our slogan and we do everything we can to live up to that slogan. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need for Tenkara from Tenkara rods, Tenkara lines, kebari flies, hooks & fly tying materials, to Tenkara accessories. If you are new to Tenkara, you might watch our Tenkara Setup & Basics video to learn how to setup and use you new Tenkara rod. If you have any Tenkara questions feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

DRAGONtail Tenkara Rods

HYDRA zx390 Zoom soft action TenkaraHYDRA zx390 13ft/11.6ft Zoom Tenkara$139.99


Talon Backpacker Tenkara RodTalon 10.6ft Backpacker Tenkara Rod (17 inches collapsed)$84.99


Shadowfire Tenkara RodShadowfire 12ft Tenkara Rod (#1 Seller)$94.99


KOMODO Zoom small stream Tenkara rodKOMODO 10.5ft/9ft Zoom Tenkara Rod (great for tight streams and kids)$99.99


HELLbender Zoom big water Tenkara rodHELLbender 13ft/11.3ft Zoom Tenkara Rod (great for bigger fish) $139.99


NIRVANA Tenkara Rods (Premium Grade Rod)

NIRVANA 370z Zoom Tenkara rodNIRVANA 370z 12.25ft/11ft Zoom Tenkara rod $179.99 $159.99

TANUKI Tenkara Rods (Very Hi-End Rods)

Tanuki 275Tanuki 275 Tenkara Rod$199.95


Tanuki 325Tanuki 325 Tenkara Rod$199.00


Tanuki 375Tanuki 375 Tenkara Rod$239.00


Tanuki XL-1Tanuki XL-1 405 Tenkara Rod$265.00


Tanuki 425Tanuki 425 Tenkara Rod$335.00


Tenkara Gear

Ultimate Tenkara Starter Kit (both level and furled lines)Ultimate Tenkara Starter Kit (both level and furled lines)$49.99


DAIWA One-Touch Folding Tenkara Net DamoDAIWA Folding Net$54.99

Wide Channel Foam Line HoldersWide Foam Line Holders (6 pack)$6.00

Oudachi Nymphing Tenkara Furled LineOudachi Nymphing Line$18.50

Tachi Furled Tenkara LineTachi Furled Line$18.50

Katana Furled Tenkara Line - Premium lineKatana Furled Line$18.00

Oudachi Katana Combo Furled LinesOudachi & Katana Line Combo$32.99

DRAGONtail Premium Tenkara Level Line 30mDRAGONtail Level Line$9.99

Shogun Bushi Combo Furled LinesShogun & Bushi Line Combo$24.99

Tenkara Snap-On Line WindersTenkara Snap-On Line Winders$10.00

24 Tenkara Flies Combo24 Tenkara Flies Combo$24.00

Fly Fishing Sling PackSling Pack$54.99

Moonlit Fluorocarbon TippetMoonlit Fluorocarbon Tippet$7.49

Sling Strap Attachment for any rod tubeSling Strap Attachment$10.99

Small Plastic 2 Faced Fly BoxPlastic 2 Faced Fly Box$11.99

Tenkara Zip-Top Rod CaseTenkara Zip-Top Rod Case$19.99

Fly Fishing Chest PackChest Pack$29.99

Tenkara Starter KitTenkara Starter Kitstarting at $18.50

Stylish Tenkara Rod SockStylish Rod Sock$6.00

Moorit/Shaela YarnMoorit/Shaela Yarnstarting at $2.99

Purple Haze YarnPurple Haze Yarnstarting at $2.99

Mist YarnMist Yarn starting at $2.99

12 Killer Bug Flies12 Killer Bug Flies$14.00

Meiho Chibamaru Tenkara Line Spools (70mm)Meiho Line Holders (2 pack)$7.99

Moonlit Quality TippetMoonlit Quality Tippet$2.99

Bracken YarnBracken Yarnstarting at $2.99

Sunrise YarnSunrise Yarn starting at $2.99

Collapsible Wading Stick with camera mountCollapsible Wading Staff$29.99

2mm Tippet Rings25 Pack 2mm Tippet Rings$3.29

Fly Line NippersFly Line Nippers$4.25

23 inch Tenkara-Rod-TubesTenkara Rod Tube $18.00

NIRVANA Waterproof Phone Bag Case for FishingWaterproof Phone Case$3.99

Plastic Push Button Green Fly BoxPush Button Fly Box$11.99

One-Of-A-Kind Bamboo-Rod-TubesOne-Of-A-Kind Rod Cases$159.95

6 Pack Yarn Combo6 Pack Yarn Combo$14.00

10 Peacock Kebari Flies12 Peacock Kebari Flies$14.00

Macro-Swivels25 Pack Macro-Swivels$3.79

Easy Hook KeepersEasy Hook Keepers$4.00

DAMO Tenkara NetDAMO Tenkara Net$39.99

Bushi Furled LineBushi Furled Line$16.00

Otter Butter Line FloatantOtter Butter Line Floatant$5.50

Killer bug yarnKiller Bug Yarnstarting at $2.99

Bamboo-Rod-TubesBamboo Tenkara Rod Cases$79.95

Light PVC Floating Tenkara LineLight PVC Floating Tenkara Line$9.00

Fishing Buff HeadwearNeck Gaiter$8.00

Slim Magnetic Waterproof Fly BoxSlim Magnetic Fly Box$11.99

Hand Painted Patch by Wes AshcraftTrout Hat (painted patch)$25.00

Maxima Tippet LineMaxima Tippet Line$4.00

Maxima Fluorocarbon LineMaxima Fluorocarbon Line$9.95

YAMATOYO Hi-Vis Tenkara Level LineYAMATOYO Hi-Vis Level Line$16.99

NISSIN Oni Tenkara Level LineNISSIN ONI Level Line$18.99

Tenkara Rod StandTenkara 12 Rod Stand$75.99

Grave Digger Kebari flies12 Grave Digger Kebari Flies$14.00

Level Taper Fly line 100ft.Level Taper Fly line 100ft.$29.99

Moorgrass YarnMoorgrass Yarnstarting at $2.99

Universal Tip CapUniversal Tip Cap$8.99

DAIWA Folding Net Small (wood handle)DAIWA Folding Net wood handle$59.99

Tenkara Line Cards for Level LineTenkara Line Cards$5.00

12 Pheasant Tail Kebari Flies12 Pheasant Tail Kebari Flies$14.00

12 Hare’s Ear Kebari Flies12 Hare’s Ear Kebari Flies$12.00

Semperfli Straggle String Mix PackSemperfli Straggle String$7.32

Semperfli Chadwick 477 Substitute YarnChadwick’s 477 Substitute$3.83

Discovering Tenkara Fly Fishing Vol 1Discovering Tenkara DVD$29.95

12 Zebra Kebari Tenkara Flies12 Zebra Kebari Flies$10.00

12 Copper John Style Kebari Tenkara Flies12 Copper John Kebari Flies$10.00

EVA Foam Tenkara Line Holders 6 packEVA Foam Line Holders (6 pack)$6.00

Terra Royal Coachman Fly Tying Tool KitFly Tying Kitstarting at $29.95

Wapsi Soft Hackle Hen Saddle PatchWapsi Hen Saddle Patch$4.99

Wapsi Natural Fur Dubbing Dispenser 12 ColorsNatural Fur Dubbing Dispenser$14.99

Sanyo Valcan LOW-VIS Tenkara Level LineSanyo Low-Vis Level Line$22.99

YGK Tenkara Pink Level LineYGK Pink Level Line$18.49

NISSIN Pals Tenkara Line Holder (2 pack)NISSIN Line Holders (2 pack)$12.99

Shogun Furled Tenkara line for light weight nymphingShogun Light Nymph Line$14.00

Sunline Pink Tornado SV-I LineSunline Pink Tornado Line size 2$21.99


20 thoughts on “DRAGONtail Tenkara Gear

  1. Darrell Root

    Thank you, received my rod today, 3/3/14 , appreciate the updates and am very happy with product, local creeks finally got rain so I’ll give it a try, Respectfully Darrell

  2. Greg Potter

    Received and fished my Tatsu 360 this week. It’s the end of trout season in Michigan but a few marginal streams are still open. I really just went to cast and play with lines and leaders but ended up with two browns and lost a third when I took a call, I hate cell phones. It’s my first tenkara rod so I really don’t have anything to compare against but it was everything I had hoped for, how often does that happen?

    I’m the director for Michigan TU’s Youth Trout Camp in Michigan and I can see us adding tenkara to the curriculum for 2015. The casting is easy playing fish is a ball and the entry cost point means all the kids that come to our camp that are not from fly fishing families can continue flyfishing at home without dipping into their college fund. Exactly what i was looking for.

    I’ll probably be contacting you for a few camp rods this winter/spring.


      1. Greg Potter

        No, I didn’t take the time to tie anything special. I was just swinging bead head soft hackles. This was in a public park in a section that our watershed manager didn’t think was holding trout, that’s the other reason for my outing.

        Since then I let a couple of our other camp instructors use the rod and I wasn’t sure I was going to get it back. They, and I’m sure a lot of other people, didn’t understand that you cast a tenkara rod, not just dapple it.

  3. Paul dunn

    Got my rod this afternoon, stoked! Super fast shipping! Now if this ridiculous weather would clear i’m going fishing!

  4. Glen

    I received my 360 tenkara rod today what a great rod it feels great cast great and looks great. Brent answers questions fast mails fast .This is by far the best place to get your tenkara great I will no longer shop anywere else. Thanks Brent. Glen

  5. Juan M. Camacho

    My Nissin Zerosum 400 (6:4) arrive today one day ahead of schedule. First impression, Wow! this Tenkara rod is stunningly beautiful. Second impression, it is incredibly light. My other rod is a “USA” rod and although I have no complains about it the difference between the two is parallel to the difference between a 1980’s Cadillac and a 2015 Lamborghini (the Nissin being the Lambo). I will now use my USA rod just for nymphing and the Zerosum for real Tenkara fishing. I probably won’t be able to go fishing until the weekend but I can’t hardly wait. Buying this rod cements in my mind what I suspected for the last three years, if you are going to do Tenkara stick with REAL Japanese equipment. Although I only use furled lines the free Sunline was a nice addition from Dragontail, I will try it as soon as get to the water. I’m very happy with their service and their products. I recommend the Depuy line. I particularly like the sighter tip on that line. One last thing. If you are thinking of buying one of these Japanese rods do invest in a case for it. They only come with a soft cloth cover (very nice by the way) but you won’t regret the extra protection of a case or a tube.

    Thank you Dragontail, great service!


  6. Fisher Mirto

    Love the tatsu, took it to a local park lake and caught 2 dozen stocked rainbows ,at about 1.5 to 2.5 lbs a peace, within 2 days of receiving the rod. Didn’t bring a net with me the first day (like an idiot) and lost a few fish as well as a couple of flies, the next day I lost the last kebari I had to the the wear and tear of the catching of 14 more fish.

  7. Ethan

    If you are looking to find great tenkara rods and gear for a great price, with great customer service, this is the place to come. I have had my shadowfire 360 for about 2 months now and have caught many, many trout on it. I have also purchased multiple items from Brent and every time the quality has been excellent. Brent just recently helped me out by helping me pick a good line to go with my rod for some high alpine lake fishing. He was quick to respond to my many questions and went above and beyond to help out. This is one of the best companies to deal with and offer great products! Also, give their flies a try, the Utah Killer bugs are great and last a long time.

  8. Tim Stessney

    Can’t say enough positive things about Tenkara fishing and Dragontail. Brent is the absolute best when it comes to customer service….not because of product defect, but from my own lack of balance (when you slip and fall in the river, throw your rod away). I have done western fly fishing for several years, but have not considered myself a successful trout fisherman until I took up Tenkara. It made me focus on my stalking technique because the actual mechanics of casting and no reel took all the “thinking” out of fishing and I really started to be a consistent producer. I only use 3 flies….a reverse hackle, Beadhead pheasant tail nymph and killer bug, all of which I tie myself (easy to do….just started tying when I took up Tenkara). I pay no attention to hatches anymore. I fish on average, three times a week and only had my western rod out once in 3 months. I have a Tatsu360….great products, great company.

  9. Chris Robson

    I live in The DFW area in Texas. I bought the Shadowfire rod, line, and an extra tip at the last minute for a hiking trip in Utah. Brent got everything to me on time. On the trip I caught Grayling for the first time and the biggest Brook trout I have ever seen. The wind on the trip shut down my friends using 4 and 5 weight flyrod set ups. We all ended up sharing my Shadowfire, which was surprisingly manageable in the high wind. One week later I used the rod to catch Bass and Bluegill in Texas. My brother likes this rod more than one he bought that cost twice as much. Great company and a great product!

  10. Jason Ferrrell

    I received my Komodo rod and love it. Ive been fly fishing for a long and the first time out using the Komodo Tenkara rod with traditional Kebari fly, I slayed the fish. Not only were the fish hooked so am I !!!

  11. Derek Q

    Thanks for the fast shipping Been fishing Tenkara ( Hellbender ) now 3 weeks now have caught about 30 fish all from 10 inch to 26 inch all Brown rainbow speckle on 4 and 5 x tippet i loose alot of fish bigger because of tippet i think …or maybe i need longer mainline…..but anyway i love Tenkara style fishing thanks for the great pole

  12. jesse summers

    Great job on the new videos, need to put some more on with more technical stuff, lines, flies.

  13. Raygen

    Im am fortunate enough to live in the same town dragontail supplies from. I will tell you one thing i have found a new love for fishing and since buying the hellbender i have no picked up another set up.
    Brent is great to deal with and i enjoy being able to visit with him in person he has helped me many times . I highly recommend this company to any one looking to get into tenkara. Thank you DRAGONtail

  14. Jackson

    Purchased the shadowfire 360 and only on the second trip the third section was snapped by a fairly sizable fish. Dragontail tenkara is an amazing company, I emailed costumer services and within the same day they shipped me a replacement part and I received the part two days later! I highly recommend this company, they make great products and are very helpful!! 5 stars!!!!!!

  15. Eric D Hall

    Wow! The quick customer service is awesome! Orders are shipped out fast. My wife loved her Shadowfire rod. I just ordered 2 Hellbender rods for my son and new bride. I cant wait to use them in Minnesota in 2 weeks!


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