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My Tenkara Story

brent-with-big-rainbowBefore I found Tenkara, I was very intimidated to try any form of fly fishing but always felt like it was something I would like to do. When I discovered Tenkara, I literally fell in love with fishing all over again. I could not believe how many fish I was missing out on and how easy it was to target them with a Tenkara set up, and I didn’t even have to mess around with reels and spools messes. Though Tenkara is traditionally for small rivers and creeks, I have had great success in using it many lakes, ponds, and large rivers as well.

Most people I tell about Tenkara are very interested but the $120+ rods are just out of their price range and I didn’t like the feel of most cheap rods. This inspired me to introduce a Tenkara rod that did fit their price range and still gave them a quality rod such as our Shadowfire and KOMODO rods which rival many rods in the $150+ range.

We are in the Tenkara business for the long haul and plan to always be around to provide support and parts if needed.

Quality Products

We went through several prototype Tenkara rods for different producers to find the right one to give us top quality rods that are assembled very well. We have also brought in high quality furled Tenkara lines from Moonlit Fly Fishing to offer with our rods to give you the best experience fishing Tenkara, a quality line can make a big difference. We are seeking to offer more and more items that Tenkara anglers use and are looking for.

Our Service

We provide quick replies to emails and get order out quickly. I even check messages late at night sometimes to get you answers fast. Happy customers are at the root of our business and are always a goal for us.

2 thoughts on “About DRAGONtail Tenkara

  1. Dr. Tom birdwell

    Very interesting. I am a flyfisher, but started tenkara fishing in Japan with my friend Miyoshi “Mike” Shiozawa of Tenryu Co. Iida Japan. I find this mode of fishing particularly enjoyable on small mountain streams or on some our small streams and sloughs in thev swamps of NW Floria. I plan to purchase some of your items shown on the web site. I particularlylike the bamboo rod case. Do you have a more inclusive catalogue? If so please send. Thanks Tom Birdwell., MD 22 Lakeside Dr. Pensacola fl. 32507

    1. DRAGONtail Tenkara Post author

      Hi Tom,

      Everything we offer right now is on our website, but we are always looking for good products to add to our store.

      The Bamboo rod cases are very nice, not so much for taking fishing but for display.


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