Bushi Furled Tenkara Line


Neon Green

Neon Green



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This line has been redesigned be a weight forward line with more power and a lighter mid section making keeping it off the water much easier.

A Great All-Around Line at a Great Price

The Bushi furled Tenkara line is an all-purpose line. It is still quite light for soft presentation but carries a punch that will work in most great in slightly breezy conditions and a great line for beginners who are learning to cast because it casts quite easy. It was designed to have a nice loop when casting that helps presentation. It does well with weightless wet flies, dry flies, lightly weighted nymphs, and even hopper patterns.

When floatant (like Otter Butter) is applied it floats like a dream for fishing dries.


One thought on “Bushi Furled Tenkara Line

  1. William

    This is an exceptional line for $12. I have the 12.5 and 14 foot lengths. Casting is easy and it works well in the wind. Very soft landing on the water.


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