Collapsible Wading Staff w/ Camera Mount

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This wading stick is ultralight top grade aluminum that collapses down for easy packing around. The top of the shaft removes to reveal a camera seat on top so you can take your action camera down the river with you and capture all the fun. Wading stick also includes a lanyard so you can let go of the wading staff and it will stay with you.


  • Top grade ultralight aluminum shaft
  • 4 feet 7 inches long
  • Elastic cord inside for quick setup
  • Camera seat on the top
  • Soft carrying case
  • Includes lanyard

3 thoughts on “Collapsible Wading Staff w/ Camera Mount

  1. Jimi

    That’s so crazy. I’ve use a mobius camera usually just put it on the ground to film. Been wanting to find some sort of pole with a tread on top so I could stick it down in the ground a few feet out in the creek for a different camera angle. This popped up in my google alerts today, it’s perfect plus it’s a wading staff…….double bonus points


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