DePuy Furled Tenkara Line (mostly floats)

We are discontinuing this line but if you liked the DEPUY they you would like the new Bushi Medium Weight Tenkara Line.

neon orange
Neon Orange

neon green
Neon Green

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This is a great all-around line. It floats enough that it won’t pull your dry flies down but it will still sink with a weighted fly, just not as fast as a sinking line would. It also casts very nicely and the colors are very vibrant.

True-camo color with a hi-vis orange indicator tip or hi-vis neon green and orange with neon green indicator tip. This is an ultra-light furled Tenkara line that casts very well.

The line being sold has a tip ring on the end of the indicator line, instead of the shorb loob connection shown in the camo line photo. This makes it very easy to connect your tippet line to the furled line.

The DePuy Spring Creek Tenkara Line is the premier line. It doesn’t absorb any water, and remains in the surface film without treating with any floatant, allowing it to be fished without sinking your fly. The DePuy is made to throw the heaviest of flies with complete ease.

It comes in true-camo color with a hi-vis indicator tip to help locate your fly, and detect bites. The camo allow you maximum stealth on those crystal clear spring creeks, that can be difficult to fish.

It also comes in a HI-VIS neon green and orange to make it easy to see your line.

Manufacturer: Moonlit Fly Fishing

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