Discovering Tenkara Fly Fishing Vol 1

Tenkara DVD - Discovering Tenkara, An Introduction to Tenkara

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Discovering Tenkara Volume 1 DVD:
An Introduction TO Tenkara (Basics & Fundamentals)

The most beautiful tenkara DVD on market today, produced by Discovery Tenkara in UK. More than 40 minutes of high quality video cover the fundamentals of tenkara fishing methods. This DVD is a must for all tenkara fishers.

1. Covers the basics of the traditional Japanese tenkara fishing and kebari (tenkara fly).

2. Accurate and easy casting that makes the rod do the work, managing long lines trouble free.

3. How to avoid spooking the fish.

4. Learning to track your fly perfectly – on the surface and below water – for the ultimate natural drift.

5. Advanced ways to spot when a fish eats your fly sub-surface

6. Dr. Ishigaki’s exclusive demonstrations of casting into wind, ideal drift length to maximize fish captures. His famous fly pattern and how he ties it in about a minute.

7. More…

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