EVA Foam Tenkara Line Holders


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These EVA line wheels are great for storing your line or pre-rigging it ready to go so all you have to do is unwind the line and connect it to your pole. Because the wheel is made of EVA foam you can hook your fly anywhere on the wheel to hold it snug in place.

The wheels are 7cm wide (about 2.755 inches) and 1.5cm thick (about 0.6 inches) making them perfect for furled and level lines. The middle hole is large enough to fit snug at the upper end of the cork handle of your Tenkara rod. The groove is deep enough to even fit the longest furled lines with ease.


best Tenkara line holder

I like to use a permanent marker write on the side of the line holder what type of line it is and the length, since I use several different types of furled lines at different lengths.

Compare the size of our EVA Line Holder to the little ones you have seen in the past (ours is the one on the right).

Amazon Customer Comments:

“I have one of the spendy spools from Tenkara USA and also had been using pipe insulation for spools. I ordered these to give them a try and am very pleased. They are perfect size and weigh nothing. I did put 8 slits around each one to use hold the line when starting and ending a spool with no hook to set in the foam. Since I have 3 Tenkars rods from 11′ to 13.5′ I have several level lines to store. I can write right on the foam the length and weight of the line.”





One thought on “EVA Foam Tenkara Line Holders

  1. Colin Bruner

    These spools are great! They store easily and quietly. The hard plastic cased ones you see sold have got to be clunky and heavy by comparison AND cost more. I’ve been trying a lot of different Tenkara lines and I store each on one of these. I label them with a fine point dry marker on a sticker. Also I take a sharp knife and make four slices across the outside rims of the spool in four equally spaced places. I highlight these cuts with the fine tip marker too so they are easy to see. Now when I wrap the line I just pull the end of it into a cut closest to that end of the line. If there is a fly on an end it can be easily poked into the foam at any place. Just make sure the spool is empty when you first slice your notches ! A snack size zip lock bag holds two of them quite neatly and will slip into your pocket or fishing vest/ chest pack/ fanny pack/ ball cap or whatever 😉


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