Fly Fishing Sling Pack by Moonlit


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The Moonlit Fly Fishing Sling Pack is light weight, comfortable to wear, high capacity compartments, and convenient to access. It is a neutral grey color that goes with whatever you apparel you wear. Sling straps are adjustable to fit just about anyone, big or small.

The Sling Bag is 17″ height x 10″ wide x 7″ depth,
and the main compartment is 9″ tall x 9″ wide x 5.5″ depth.
Weighs 2 lb 2 oz.


The main compartment will hold everything you need such as: Several Fly Boxes, tippet, tools, or even lunch. The main compartment also has some side pockets inside for small items. The main compartment opens up like a shelf for easy access to everything inside. The secondary compartment at the top of the bag also has plenty of room for many more items. This sling pack has enough capacity that you could even use it as a day pack.


There is a Built-In Lanyard for easy/quick access to your most-used tool. There is also a ring to clip on your net or other gear near the bottom of the sling bag.


The sling bag fits comfortable on the back and does not irritate you where the strap goes over your shoulder. The sling bag balances the weight very well so the bag does not tend to swing around like many cheap sling packs.


The sling bag can be brought to the front of you without taking it off making it very easy to access your gear when needed. When brought to the front the pockets and compartments face up for easy access. There is also a water bottle holder at the bottom of the sling bag that is easy to access when you are thirsty.





The sling bag has a small strap that comes around the other side of your body and clips on in the front to keep the bag secure from sliding around.