Fly Tying Products

Whiting Red Label Hen CapeWhiting Red Label Hen Cape$30.00

Whiting Red Label Hen SaddleWhiting Red Label Hen Saddle$12.95


Whiting 100 Fly Feather PackWhiting 100 Fly Feather Pack$19.95

Whiting Brahma Hen SaddleWhiting Brahma Hen Saddle$22.00


ML061 Fly Tying Barbless HookML061 Fly Tying Barbless Hook$5.29

ML062 Fly Tying Barbless HookML062 Fly Tying Barbless Hook$5.29


DOHIKU Dry Fly Barbless Hook HDD 301DOHIKU Dry Fly Hook HDD 301$7.25

DOHIKU Scud Barbless Hook HDD 644DOHIKU Scud Hook HDD 644$7.25


ML059 Fly Tying Barbless HookML059 Fly Tying Barbless Hook$5.29

Vicuna Dubbing Tenkara Blend CollectionVicuna Dubbing Tenkara Blends$16.00


ML051 Fly Tying Barbless HookML051 Fly Tying Barbless Hook$5.29

Killer bug yarnKiller Bug Yarnstarting at $2.99


ML056 Fly Tying Barbless HookML056 Fly Tying Barbless Hook$5.29

Brents Soft Hackle/Kebari Selection #1Brents Dubbing Selection #1$22.00


ML052 Fly Tying Barbless HookML052 Fly Tying Barbless Hook$5.29

Brents Soft Hackle/Kebari Selection #2Brents Dubbing Selection #2$22.00


ML055 Fly Tying Barbless HookML055 Fly Tying Barbless Hook$5.29

Purple Haze YarnPurple Haze Yarnstarting at $2.99


Semperfli Straggle String Mix PackSemperfli Straggle String$7.32

Semperfli Chadwick 477 Substitute YarnChadwick’s 477 Substitute$3.83


Bracken YarnBracken Yarnstarting at $2.99

Semperfli True Peccary Quills SyntheticSynthetic Peccary Quills$5.56


Moorit/Shaela YarnMoorit/Shaela Yarnstarting at $2.99

Terra Royal Coachman Fly Tying Tool KitFly Tying Kitstarting at $29.95


Sunrise YarnSunrise Yarnstarting at $2.99

Mist YarnMist Yarnstarting at $2.99


Natural Coyote Mask Dubbing (Wapsi)Coyote Mask Dubbing$3.25

Semperfli Straggle Legs Spools (Micro Legs)Semperfli Straggle Legs $4.18


Semperfli Classic Waxed ThreadSemperfli Classic Waxed Thread $3.85

Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool YarnSemperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool$3.83


Wapsi Ringneck Pheasant Tail FeathersRingneck Pheasant Tail Feathers$3.99

Wapsi Peacock Eye FeathersPeacock Eye Feathers$3.70


Semperfli Peacock Quill Substitute MulticardSemperfli Peacock Quill Multicard$6.44

Semperfli Micro MetalSemperfli Micro Metal$5.14


Overton's Wonder WaxOverton’s Wonder Wax$14.85

Griffin Dubbing TwisterGriffin Dubbing Twister$4.35


Swiss CDC Multi-Clamp (Dubbing Clip)Swiss CDC Multi-Clamp$42.50

Solarez UV-ResinSolarez UV-Resin$14.95


6 Pack Yarn Combo6 Pack Yarn Combo$14.00

Vicuna Dubbing Hare's Ear Substitute SelectionVicuna Dubbing Hare’s Ear Subs$22.00


Wapsi Soft Hackle Hen Saddle PatchWapsi Hen Saddle Patch$4.99

Adjustable UV Quick-Cure Pen LightUV Quick-Cure Pen Light$12.99


Wapsi Natural Fur Dubbing Dispenser 12 ColorsNatural Fur Dubbing Dispenser$14.99

Semperfli Dirty Bug YarnSemperfli Dirty Bug Yarn$5.32


Moonlit TOGATTA ML101 Premium Barbless HooksMoonlit TOGATTA ML101 50 Hooks$9.99


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