Katana Furled Tenkara Line (premium light line)

Premium Japanese Tip Ring



The Katana furled line is the ultimate in light furled Tenkara lines, the thinnest furled line we offer. The unique 3rd leg furl makes the line very round in circumference which gives it a better transfer of energy when casting, even at a thinner line diameter.

The lightness of this line is great for a gentle presentation on the water and casts well even with softer Tenkara rods. I would say this line is the best choice for un-weighted flies and even those who favor level line will like this furled line. I would not use this Katana line for casting heavy flies or larger flies, the medium weight KATANA will cast small weighted flies quite well.

The Katana line has a slight “weight forward” design which makes it very easy to cast accurately, even at longer lengths. The light weight option is great for seasoned Tenkara anglers who want the lightest line possible for very soft rods. The medium weight option is still very light and great for seasoned Tenkara anglers with soft rods but it is also better at casting, handling wind, slightly weighted flies, and slightly stiffer rods. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE the medium weight KATANA.

If you want to fish dry flies then the KATANA is the perfect choice, just treat the line with line floatant such as Otter Butter line floatant.

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One thought on “Katana Furled Tenkara Line (premium light line)

  1. Dave R

    This was the first line that I purchased from Dragontail and consequently my first furled line. I purchased it after reading a review by Jason Klass. I purchased an 11′ medium. This line will cast unweighted flies beautifully and is very easy to keep off the water. While I primarily use level line I reach for my Katana when fishing on top with small dry and kebari type flies. When I purchased my line it was offered in a “camo” color. Fortunately that color combination is no longer offered because it can be difficult to track.


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