Killer Bug Yarn, for fly tying

5 Yards of Yarn
The Whole Ball of Yarn (114 yards)

The yarn used by Tenkara Guides in Utah to make their Utah Killer Bug flies that are very productive. This yarn has also been used by many Tenkara anglers for tying Frank Sawyer’s killer bug fly, he originally used Chadwicks 477 yarn which is no longer available. This bug doesn’t look like much but when the yarn gets whet it has a magical pink look that fish can’t resist.

How to tie the Killer Bug Fly:

This yarn is not exactly the same color as the Chadwicks 477 yarn but is very close and work very good, making it the best Killer Bug yarn substitute or alternative. This yarn can also be used for tying a Utah Killer Crane Fly.


The Killer Bug can be deadly on all fresh water fish

The Killer Bug can be deadly on all fresh water fish

Killer Bug size 14 hook

Killer Bug tied on a Moonlit ML054 Hook size 14


4 thoughts on “Killer Bug Yarn, for fly tying

  1. LOU

    Many years ago I bought a card of grey wool. It sat foe years unused.except I would occasionally tie a grey nymph. About 5 yrs ago I read about the killer bug. The only material I had was this grey wool. I tied some up and bingo it worked. I ran out and tried substitute 477 and the shetland yarn. neither one produced. I kept a scrap of the grey in my wallet an searched the craft stores for many years untill one day I found the identical color grey wool. I tied some up and yesterday caught four lost 4 and had over a dozen hits.

    1. DRAGONtail Tenkara Post author

      You can’t tell us a story like that and then not tell us details of the brand, type and color of yarn it was you found. I would really like to know.

  2. Rod

    Old Lou is full of it. This color catches fish just fine, a matter of fact I have bought a few more colors, darker, lighter, green and even pink and guess what they catch fish also. It’s just a all around great simple pattern that catches fish period!

    1. Alex Martinez

      I’ve tied Killer Bugs using six colors of Jamieson’s Spindrift (sand to black), Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn in Blush Heather 104, scraps from my wife’s sewing basket etc., and they all catch fish. Most recently I’ve been hung up on blue flies and so last week I tied some 20s and 12s using Jamieson’s Royal 700. I used these on Friday on a fishing trip to some mountain streams in Taos, NM and caught/released over fifty trout. Funny but most prefered the larger attractor fly :). All were caught on my Dragontail Tatsu360 Tenkara rod … oh, and I’ve also fished ties using grey wool and caught some too!


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