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PVC Line Back In Stock
PVC Line Back In Stock

Brook Fly Patch

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Vest patch with silicone insert. Quit losing flies with foam or wool, our vest patch holds flies better than any other patch. Works great on waders, vests, and packs that have Velcro, or use the lanyard loop.

Need a few flies or a drying patch, but tired of losing flies off of foam or wool patches?  Then look no further, our vest patch has a silicone insert on top with slits that grip flies and don’t let go, or for the most secured grip stick your fly in and it will hold until you take it out.  And no holes and virtually no mark is left behind!  You can mount the Vest Patch to your gear that has Velcro by using our marine grade Velcro mounting on the backside, or hand it off your lanyard or zinger by the lanyard loop.

Silicone Inserts – With slits that grip and hold flies in place (dots indicate where slits are), or stick flies in and leave virtually no mark.

Marine Grade Velcro Mounting – Store flies where you want them, and take them with you when you’re done for the day.  Also able to mount in multiple locations.

Lanyard Loop – For use with a lanyard or zinger/retractor

Made in the U.S.A. and Warrantied

Dimensions: 3 5/8 inch long, 1 7/8 inch wide and the clip hole sticks out 1/2 inch.