Shadowfire 360 Tenkara Rod (Old Model)

HAS BEEN REPLACED by the new 365 Model




12 foot (360cm) 6:4 soft action rod
This rod has a light feel and a soft action for an amazing Tenkara experience.

Shadowfire360 Rod Specs:

  • Rod length: 360 cm (about 12 feet)
  • Soft 6:4 action
  • Rod weight: about 2.9 oz
  • High quality carbon fiber
  • Collapsed rod length: 20.5 inches
  • Handle length: 10.25 inches
  • 9 segments
  • Metal butt cap with coin slot & drain hole
  • Matte Black finish
  • Hard Storage Tube: 23 inches
  • Brand: DRAGONtail Tenkara
  • Warranty, Returns and Repair info

(Includes Hard Case Carbon Fiber Tube)

The Shadowfire Tenkara rod is a great choice for water where the fish are mostly under 17 inches. The Shadowfire rod can handle larger fish than 17 inches (depending on your skill) but the HELLbender rod is designed with 17+ inch fish in mind.

The soft casting action of this Tenkara rod will help you cast more naturally and accurately. If you are using level line, you will want size #3 or #3.5 with this rod for best performance.

We also designed our handle to fit the hand more comfortably to reduce hand fatigue and to give you more casting control. You will most likely be pleased with the feel of the handle shape.

The matte black color keeps the rod from reflecting the sun and possibly alerting the fish of your presence. Despite being matte black, this rod is very appealing to the eyes and has a quality finish.


(Includes Stylish Tenkara Rod Sock)

(easy to tighten butt cap with coin slot and vent hole)

(accented winding check for a nice look)

(telescoping Fly Rod for excellent portability, 20.5 inches collapsed)

(comfortable grip design with lots of options to hold in different spots for a feel to fit your hand)

Shadowfire Tenkara rod and big rainbow

See Adam Hanna’s Review at Backwoods Tenkara.

Video of Tom Davis using our rod:
(See his full written review at Teton Tenkara)

Although this Tenkara rod is not necessarily a big fish rod it can get the job done if you have room to move and some skill. Below is a nearly 23 inch rainbow I landed with this rod, it helped that I was using a longer line when I caught it.



16 thoughts on “Shadowfire 360 Tenkara Rod (Old Model)

  1. James Dalton

    I received my Shadowfire360 rod for Christmas from my awesome wife. I have used it several times now and I really like this rod and this style of fly fishing. Some folks think that if the rod is not expensive or if it doesn’t have a big company name on it, that it may not be a great rod. I was able to get the rod, leaders, tippett, wading staff (which I wouldn’t go without, now), flies, line floatant, etc. for less than I could have bought one of the other big name rods by itself. I’m sure the other companies are making quality rods but most were out of my price range. I am happy I chose this rod and the customer service from Brian has been great. He is always quick to answer an email and he stands behind his products. You will not go wrong with DRAGONtail.

    James Dalton
    Great Smoky Mountains, TN

  2. Sean Baxter

    I recently purchased the shadowfire360. I had a question about the rod and Brian quickly responded. I haven’t yet received the rod and cant comment on its quality however I have done my research and there are quite a few favorable reviews on the internet.

  3. Roger Horvath

    Hello. In Tom Davis’s review of your Tatsu rod, he lists the penny rating as 28, giving the rod a rod flex index (RFI) of 7.8. By any chance do you know the penny rating of the Shadowfire? Thanks.

  4. Rob Ruff

    I received the Shadowfire about a week ago and used it a few times. Very nice rod and strikes are easily detectibable. The quality is over all very good but my only complaint is the amount of epoxy used to attach the lilian to the tip. With the amount of epoxy used, there’s no way to pull the tip through the next lower section because the epoxy prevents it. No big deal really, The rod still works great. Caught some small panfish with it. I’ll be going up to SE Minnesota for trout fishing in May so it will be put to the test.

  5. Bryan

    Just received the rod after ordering it on a Friday and it came on Monday, I was shocked at how quickly it was shipped! I’m new to Tenkara but learned how to cast accurately within a day or two. My first catch with the Shadowfire was a nice little brook trout in a small stream at my local park. So far, I love this rod and it seems pretty high quality especially for the price Which is pretty much half of most other Tenkara rod companies. I’ve already snagged a few branches on the backcast but the rod handles them just fine and I’ve been able to get most of them out by tugging gently on the line with my hand. You’d be surprised with how little room you need to cast despite the rods length.

    1. Robert

      You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the rod can handle some decent sized fish. I caught some browns in Minnesota that were 15 inches. Did a great job of controlling them.

  6. Rev. Alan Perry

    I purchased my rod some time back and have used it on a regular basis here in Washington with no problems. On a vacation to Montana I had a lot of success using this rod. I hooked in to some rather large trout that gave me the fight of my life, lots of fun, I am surprised how strong the rod is,I caught some fish appropriately 18″ long. I do like this rod very much I seem to have more fun than when I use my Orvis western fly rod.

  7. Allan Phelps

    I spent an online work bonus on a Shadowfire kit. Got it just in time for a late September Boy Scout backpack to Marjorie Lake in the Utah Uintas. While assisting some younger scouts with their poles, I managed to land 2 Brookies in less than 5 minutes. That without using any type of fly rod for at least 15 years.

    On the next fishing trip, October, with an elderly friend, I landed 13 inch Brown on the Provo River outside of Heber City, Utah. From under a very low bridge and swift water (it was raining). Later learned that the trout in that vicinity are extremely wary and picky.

    Lastly, taking a Monday evening walk with my wife up City Creek Canyon (Salt Lake City), I stopped for 10 minutes with my Shadowfire, having the intent to show off to her. Did I ever. A 12 inch Cutthroat out of that very small creek. That old, wary city fish should be much more wary now. I collapsed the pole and continued our walk.

  8. Steve Vess

    I have owned probably 50 carbon and glass rods over the years. I got my Shadowfire today. My first Tenkara , One word came to mind, WOW!! It seems flawless, I was expecting a mediocre rod for the inexpensive price. Boy was I wrong! I cant believe any Tenkara rod can be better than this one. I thought the sock would be no big deal, but I love it, what a wonderful nice touch. The fly box, wow!! I am ordering a Komodo now for fishing some of the smaller streams we have here in Oregon. For you beginners, a twelve foot rod seems like you couldn’t cast far, but you have no idea of how far it really will reach with 15 feet of line. It is an impressively long reach. Try it, you will like it!

    Dragontail service and response to my many questions has been exemplary.

  9. Christian Burris

    My Dragontail Shadowfire rod is my go-to rod when I hit the river. It makes even the smallest of fish feel large, but manageable. It is so much fun. Typically I am catching trout in the range of 12-17 inches, and the rod is just a joy. I’m really looking forward to taking it to Wyoming in August. If you are on the fence… seriously, just buy this rod.

    Also, I’d like to thank Brent for his EXCELLENT customer service. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say he made me a customer for life. Thanks!

  10. Jonny Villanueva

    These guys are serious about customer service! I had a break happen, and they shipped out the replacement the same day that I got them my address! They are super helpful dudes!

  11. Paul Cox

    Received this rod as a Christmas present Sunday. My first such rod. Went to Bennett Spring, MO yesterday and nervously fished the rod at day’s end. Not sure if nymphing with midge patterns was what the inventors had in mind, but it worked well. Caught two 12-13″ rainbows and considered it a success. Lots more to learn but looking forward to it. Great rod action.

  12. Kim Bermuda

    Have been fishing with a Tenkara rod since 2009. Now that I have had some time fishing with my Shadowfire 360 I can say that this is a great package for small stream to small/med. river mountain trout in the Appalachians. It is easy to cast. The action exerts the right amount of hook pressure for a solid hookup. This action is suitable for smaller brook trout to larger rainbows and browns. It is also durable which is very important to me when fishing around high gradient mountain streams which is conducive to slip and falls. Just a solid performer.

  13. Rob C

    Very Pleased!
    I am just starting with Tenkara, my brother has fished Tenkara for years and I asked him what he thought about your products, as I like the price points and quality. He is also quite impressed, and agrees your products are very nice. I have fished the Shadowfire several times now, in ponds and on the Snake river, and have caught some fish, and have improved my technique. I look forward to many years of fishing with this rod, and I enjoy the way it casts, and the overall feel and quality.


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