Shogun Furled Tenkara Line

Moonlit has taken the old Shogun and revamped it with a weight forward design for less line sag and a short fluorocarbon sink tip to make it a sweet light weight wet fly/nymph line. If you like our Oudachi furled line then you are going to love the new Shogun, we call it “The Oudachi’s Little Brother”.


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The NEW Shogun furled Tenkara line is a mix of the Oudachi line and the Bushi line to bring you a sweet light weight nymph/wet fly Tenkara line. It has a short fluorocarbon tip that makes it great for all your wet flies or weighted nymphs or even 2 fly setups.

There is no lack of casting power in this line and it does well in windy conditions. The short fluorocarbon tip hooks the water so you can keep your line tighter for quick hookups and less line sag.


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