Tanuki 325 Tenkara Rod

Tanuki 325 Rod & Cloth
Tanuki 325 (Black Wing Angel)

Tanuki 325 (Black Wing Angel)

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Tanuki 325
(Black Wing Angel) Specs

Extended: 10’8″, collapsed: 23″,
weight: 1.9 oz, segments: 7,
handle length: 9’1/2″


The Tanuki 325 is designed for small streams. It is perfect for brook trout and small wild fish (less than 16″). It is carefully designed and built with the highest standards and performance. It is a super light rod compared to other rods of similar length. The ultra light and high flexible tip section is designed for better casting with level line with effortless. If you want a rod that can cast super light #2.5 level line then this is definitely your rod, casts great with other sizes of level lines or furled lines as well. Note: Recommended level line #2.5(experienced) to #3.5 to all.

With a strong strong backbone of Western Tenkara rod and delicate flexibility of traditional Japanese tips, it is built for pinpoint casting. It is designed for anglers who like to fish with a small dry fly as well as heavy Czech nymphing style.

Grip is built with a high quality grade and high density synthetic EVA.

Testimonial from Brent Auger: The Tanuki has a premium feel and cast, as well as top notch aesthetics. You are going to feel the smoothness of your cast with this rod. The first time I cast the Tanuki rods I thought “WOW, this is a very very nice rod” and I have cast many high end rods in the past from Japan and this rod still stands out from all of them. After several month of fishing Tanuki rods and lots of fish big and small, I can tell you that you will love any of the Tanuki rods no matter how nice of a rod you already have.

Testimonial from Jud McKee: “With the Tanuki 325 my wife took one look and claimed it for herself. I actually had to order a second before I got to fish with one and the wait was worth it. Super light, precise, subtle, and did I mention strong. Landed a 20″ brown down in a tight pocket standing thigh deep with shelf like banks and brush on either side. My Tanuki 325 took a beating that day, looked good doing it. It is now my go to rod.”

Replacement parts can be ordered for the Tanuki rods, just request them through our contact form.