Tenkara Rods for sale



Mutant zx380 Zoom Tenkara RodMutant zx380 3-Length Zoom Full-Flex Tenkara Rod $159.99


DRAGONtail Tenkara Rods

MIZUCHI zx340 Small Stream Tenkara RodMIZUCHI Small Stream Tenkara Rod (co-designed by Tom Davis)$159.99


Shadowfire 365 Tenkara Rod(NEW Model) Shadowfire 365 12ft Tenkara Rod (#1 Seller)$99.99


HYDRA zx390 Zoom soft action TenkaraHYDRA zx390 13ft/11.6ft Zoom Tenkara$124.99


HELLbender Zoom big water Tenkara rodHELLbender 13ft/11.3ft Zoom Tenkara Rod (great for bigger fish) $149.99


NIRVANA Tenkara Rods (Premium Grade Rods)

NIRVANA 400 Tenkara rodNIRVANA 400 13ft Tenkara rod $139.99


NIRVANA 370z Zoom Tenkara rodNIRVANA 370z 12.25ft/11ft Zoom Tenkara rod $139.99



DRAGONtail Rod Parts

MIZUCHIzx340 Rod PartsMIZUCHI zx340 Parts


HELLbender 390 Rod PartsHELLbender Parts


Shadowfire 365 Rod PartsShadowfire 365 (NEW model) Parts


Shadowfire 360 Rod PartsShadowfire 360 (old model) Parts


KOMODO Rod PartsKOMODO 320 Parts


Tatsu360 Rod PartsTatsu 360 Parts


NIRVANA 370z Rod PartsNIRVANA 370z Parts


Talon 330 Parts


16 thoughts on “Tenkara Rods for sale

  1. Jackson Dockery

    I have been emailing these guys almost constantly, and their customer service is Amazing, and they seem like very nice people as well. Don’t hesitate to send them a message with your questions, they are great people to deal with!

    1. EVERTH

      Totally agree !! i was searching where to buy a japanese rod, and i found this guys with a great customer service, i highly recomend dragon tail tenkara for orders out of the U.S

    1. DRAGONtail Tenkara Post author

      The butt cap is metal, has a drain hole, has a coin slot, and the outer edge grip is knurled. I will try to get pictures of the butt cap soon.

  2. Mehrdad

    I have three different kind of Tenkara rods, and finally I got Dragontail Tenkara.
    I Thought it is not a good rod (price is not expensive) but I was WRONG good quality rod, Light, and good customer service.
    I am fishing every day and I am so happy that I bought this rod.
    I got 8 pound carp with it last weekend and it did NOT break.
    Thank you Brent

  3. Greg B.

    This Tenkara rod is of excellent build quality and I really love the graphite case. The cork grip feels good in my hand and the rod is the perfect all around length. This shipped quickly to me here in Colorado and the price was comparable to one that would have shipped from China. Overall a great value. I am recommending to my friends.

    1. DRAGONtail Tenkara Post author

      Duncan, The extra tips do not store in the handle. I keep the spare tips in the rod case, the tenkara rod and the extra tips fit well together in the rod tube case.

  4. Doug K.

    Customer service is top notch! Brent locally delivered 2 rods when we were in town. Plus, it’s a local business to support. The rod is a great deal for $75. I picked up the rod, extra tip, furled line, and line keepers for $105 with tax. It comes in a nice attractive aluminum rod case. First glance of the rod is its strictly utilitarian appearance. It’s flat black with company logo and gold trim at the end of each section. Honestly, it doesn’t need anything more. Comparing it to other rods in the same price range, it looks a heck of a lot better IMO. It has a nice brass winding check and handle plug. The handle plug has a coin slot and water drain hole in it. The handle is make out of mid-grade cork that has moderate filling. It has a nice shape to fit your palm and balances nicely. The tip section includes a swivel attached to the lillian. That is a very nice feature only high end rods come with. I bought 2 rods. One for me, and the other for my buddy. We put the moonlit furled 13.5″ spring creek lines on both rods. (On a side note; the moonlit furled lines are the NICEST most well constructed furled lines I have ever laid hands on. I will be buying more of these) I prefer longer lines for the added reach. The rod handles this line well. In fact, the rod will also handle much heavier/bigger lines. I also like to utilize a 15′ section of RIO 0.024″ running line as my “wind line” for when the Idaho wind makes it impossible to cast. I took the rod to the local stocked pond to put it through the paces. In two hours we caught over 30 fish averaging 11″ in size. The rod handled these fish well. The action is labeled as a 6:4, but it behaves between a 6:4 and a 7:3. It is a great mid flex rod that protects delicate tippet well. I have no doubt that the rod can handle a 3# fish. The only complaint I have about the rod is the ugly “warning” sticker. It comes with a warning sticker in 4 languages telling you not to touch power lines and use it as a lightning rod during a thunder storm. It pealed off easily enough so I don’t have to look at it anymore. Overall this is a great deal for a Tenkara rod under $100. I can’t wait to see what future rod offerings this company has in the future. I have no doubt that they will continue to impress us.

  5. Tim U

    Just received my Tatsu360 rod/starter package yesterday. Very pleased with the shipping time and build quality of the rod and furled line. This is my first venture into tenkara, so I was looking for the best starter package and seem to have found it from DRAGONtail Tenkara. Have not had a chance to fish it yet, but overall very impressed and will recommend to others!

  6. Jason S.

    I purchased the Shadowfire with started kit last weekend. Had it in my hand on Thursday. The rod feels very nice and high quality. The items in the starter kit are nice and a great value. The Katana line looks really cool and I cant wait to try it out. The storage case is very nice. I am very glad I chose to buy from Dragontail Tenkara instead of overpaying for something similar from the other companies. I have not fished it yet but plan to try it out this weekend. I will report back.

  7. Don S.

    Received my Tatsu360 last week. Was expecting it on Friday , received it on Wednesday. Wow, what fast shipping. Got to used it today (11/23/2014). Pole is very light, very responsive, and very fun to use. FISH ON!!!! Caught my first fish on it , a 12 inch brownie. Think I will be using this pole a lot more than my fly rod .
    Thanks DRAGONtail for a great rod.

  8. Colin Bruner

    I am new to Tenkara and the Tatsu became my choice of rod. I investigated every Tenkara website Google could find 🙂 . I watched a hundred YouTube vids about Tenkara but they mostly were from those yuppie “trout fishermen” that live out west . I looked at price, specifications and reviews before finally ordering the Tatsu two months ago. I wanted a rod that could handle a Large Mouth Bass or even an occasional Channel Cat when I was fishing for Bluegill or Crappie. I’m in Kentucky and have always fished ponds, lakes and maybe a river now and then. I mostly used spinning gear but at lest once a year I’d get out the Cortland flyrod, some poppers and rubber spiders.
    After I got the Tatsu (very fast and efficient service) I went fishing at a local reservoir in my kayak. Kayaking is another new adventure for me since I retired last year. First time out with Tatsu I caught some Bluegill and a small bass. It was frantic fun on one of the Kabari flys and the furled leader Brent had sent with the package. Haven’t tried the Killer Bug yet, but I will. Hear it’s great.
    Today was a banner day (Nov 29th) ! I caught my first trout ever at Otter Creek Park about 40 mins from here near the Ohio River. How have I missed knowing about this place most of my life?? Maybe because I didn’t hang out with fly fishermen. Again with a Kebari but this time using 12 ft level Hi Vis fluro line. There were several typical fly fishermen around me. I show up no waders, no vest, in Crocs and hoodie, and carrying my still collapsed Tatsu. I was feeliing shy newbie invading their domain. I watched four men fishing near me and another few further down stream for about 15 mins. No one was catching anything. I studied the water and saw several surface swells and sometimes a trout would break water. I started casting. Very soon I missed on several bites and that was encouraging. Then I caught my inaugural Trout! Great scrapper about 13 incher. About a dozen casts later I hook up a bigger one who managed to steal my poorly tied on fly. Should have checked it after the first trout but hey ! I was excited! Funny but true, the other fishermen walked and went away downstream from me. 😀
    If I’ve had some apprehensions that I might have done better to have bought a more expensive rod because of various evaluations I read, I repent. Dragontail themselves should consider it an able challenger of its type rather than second fiddle to their other rod. They are different category. For the broadest scope of service to be desired, this rod rocks! There are always trade offs to be made when deciding what to get in anything. But you will lose little and gain much from this rod. Glad I bought it!

  9. Jonathan Engleka

    I am getting a late start on this,

    As of CHRISTmas morning I was finally inducted in the Dragon Tail family at my suprise! What a wonderful magical morning that was! My gorgous wife brought it to my attention, as I was near our grandson just taking in the whole mystical element of the CHRISTmas morning, as I opened up my gift and ,
    low -n – behold a DragonTail shadow fire 360 finally in my hands! Being so new to the whole Tenkara fishing I haven’t had a chance to use it just yet, my wife is to begin some work this late Febuary, or early March in Maryland, so I will practice until then.
    Brent Auger and his family are damn fine people, the Augers are definitely a Mom & Pop institution and will gladly patronize thier buisness..Brent has a real rare quality, it’s called being straight up, and dealing directly with people

  10. Matt D

    I have fished with both the Tatsu and Shadowfire rods and both are excellent. Have landed trout, bass, and bluegill on these rods using Moonlit leaders. I am very pleased with the quality of all the products I’ve purchased from Dragontail tenkara, but even more impressed with customer service. All orders are shipped promptly. My questions, sent via email, have been answered in less than 24 hours. I will continue to purchase Dragontail products and refer their rods and leaders to my friends .

  11. mike stasko

    i originally wanted a komodo,but the mizuchi replaced it,brent highly recommended it. great rod ,good price. been fishing it in small creeks in wisconsins driftless area,alot of 12″ and a fair share of 14″+ browns along with a few smaller brookies . this rod handled them all real well. this is my first tenkara rod so i,m still working on my casting technique , 15+ years of western fly casting isn,t helping.so far it,s been a blast. thanks brent,this rod is perfect for the streams i fish


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