Vicuna Dubbing Hare’s Ear Substitute Selection

The Hare’s Ear Substitute┬áhas been very popular so Vicuna Dubbing brought out a selection of the most requested colors!

These blends bring you a natural dubbing which will produce that buggy effect on your fly patterns.

Hare’s Ear Substitute Selection Colors

  • Natural
  • Sunburst
  • Scarlet
  • Golden Olive
  • Medium Olive
  • Hot Orange
  • Claret
  • Brown Olive

Vicuna Dubbing is an entirely natural product made from Alpaca wool which has been dyed and processed by hand to achieve a dubbing which adds the essential buggy effect to your fly patterns.

Natural HES
Golden Olive HES
Claret HES
Sunburst HES
Medium Olive HES
Brown Olive HES
Scarlet HES
Hot Orange HES