Whiting Red Label Hen Saddle

( left to right:  grizzly, medium ginger, dark dun)

WHITING Red Label Hen Saddles are my favorite hen saddles

These feathers range from small size 14s (maybe 16s) with lots of size 12s, 10s and up to larger sizes. Excellent for Sakasa Kebari Tenkara Flies or soft hackle flies.

These high quality hen feathers are full of fibers so it takes less wraps to get a full hackle. You can sometimes get more than one fly out of each feather because they are long and slender.

(left to right: Unique Variant, Dyed Light Dun, Golden Olive, Pale Watery Dun)
medium ginger
natural grizzly
medium ginger
dark dun
unique variant
golden olive
light dun
pale watery dun
grizzly purple
grizzly golden olive