DRAGONtail Tenkara Rods for sale

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Tatsu360 Tenkara Rod $76.00

12 foot (360cm) 6:4 action rod (includes rod storage tube)

DRAGONtail Tatsu360 Tenkara Rod

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Tatsu360 Rod Specs:

    • Rod length: 360 cm (about 12 feet)
    • 6:4 action
    • Rod weight: about 3.10 ounces
    • Anti-tangle swivel tip
    • High quality Japanese carbon fiber
    • Storage tube included (24 inches long)
    • Collapsed rod length: 22 1/4 inches
    • Handle length: 10 5/8 inches
    • 8 segments
    • Black matte finish
    • Brand: DRAGONtail Tenkara
    • Warranty, Returns and Repair info

Starter Package (optional):
Starter Package
The optional Starter Package gives you a top quality 12 1/2 foot quality Furled Tenkara Line (Bushi line made by Moonlit Fly Fishing) with a foam line holder, 27 yard spool of tippet line, and 3 Tenkara flies (valued at over $25 for just $12.99 more).


This Tatsu360 DRAGONtail Tenkara fly rod is made with a high quality Japanese carbon fiber for superb performance. Its 12 foot length and 6:4 bend action is what we suggest for most situations, and especially for newbies to Tenkara. The 6:4 action allows you to feel everything the fish does, even the smaller fish will be a fun catch.

The Tatsu360 rod is well balanced for a great feel that allows you to fish it all day with less arm fatigue. The handle is long with a comfortable grip at the upper and lower end of the handle, giving you the versatility of change up your rod length as needed. The rod itself has a matte black finish that reduces rod glare from the sun so you don’t signal to the fish where you are.

Tenkara is traditionally used to catch small to medium sized fish in small mountain rivers but do not be afraid to seek out the big trout with this rod. The Tatsu360 has enough backbone to take the stress of larger trout, we have hooked into quite a few during our testing and they are a blast to fight.

If you are new to Tenkara, check out these casting helps on the Tenkara Forum.

Here is a Video of Tom Davis fishing the Tatsu360:
(See his full written review at Teton Tenkara)

Basic Rod Setup Video:

Tenkara is Fun:

DRAGONtail Tatsu360 Tenkara Rod


DRAGONtail Tatsu360 Tenkara Rod

DRAGONtail Tatsu360 Tenkara Rod


Fish and Tenkara rod

9 thoughts on “DRAGONtail Tenkara Rods for sale

  1. Jackson Dockery

    I have been emailing these guys almost constantly, and their customer service is Amazing, and they seem like very nice people as well. Don’t hesitate to send them a message with your questions, they are great people to deal with!

    1. DRAGONtail Tenkara Post author

      The butt cap is metal, has a drain hole, has a coin slot, and the outer edge grip is knurled. I will try to get pictures of the butt cap soon.

  2. Mehrdad

    I have three different kind of Tenkara rods, and finally I got Dragontail Tenkara.
    I Thought it is not a good rod (price is not expensive) but I was WRONG good quality rod, Light, and good customer service.
    I am fishing every day and I am so happy that I bought this rod.
    I got 8 pound carp with it last weekend and it did NOT break.
    Thank you Brent

  3. Greg B.

    This Tenkara rod is of excellent build quality and I really love the graphite case. The cork grip feels good in my hand and the rod is the perfect all around length. This shipped quickly to me here in Colorado and the price was comparable to one that would have shipped from China. Overall a great value. I am recommending to my friends.

    1. DRAGONtail Tenkara Post author

      Duncan, The extra tips do not store in the handle. I keep the spare tips in the rod case, the tenkara rod and the extra tips fit well together in the rod tube case.

  4. Doug K.

    Customer service is top notch! Brent locally delivered 2 rods when we were in town. Plus, it’s a local business to support. The rod is a great deal for $75. I picked up the rod, extra tip, furled line, and line keepers for $105 with tax. It comes in a nice attractive aluminum rod case. First glance of the rod is its strictly utilitarian appearance. It’s flat black with company logo and gold trim at the end of each section. Honestly, it doesn’t need anything more. Comparing it to other rods in the same price range, it looks a heck of a lot better IMO. It has a nice brass winding check and handle plug. The handle plug has a coin slot and water drain hole in it. The handle is make out of mid-grade cork that has moderate filling. It has a nice shape to fit your palm and balances nicely. The tip section includes a swivel attached to the lillian. That is a very nice feature only high end rods come with. I bought 2 rods. One for me, and the other for my buddy. We put the moonlit furled 13.5″ spring creek lines on both rods. (On a side note; the moonlit furled lines are the NICEST most well constructed furled lines I have ever laid hands on. I will be buying more of these) I prefer longer lines for the added reach. The rod handles this line well. In fact, the rod will also handle much heavier/bigger lines. I also like to utilize a 15′ section of RIO 0.024″ running line as my “wind line” for when the Idaho wind makes it impossible to cast. I took the rod to the local stocked pond to put it through the paces. In two hours we caught over 30 fish averaging 11″ in size. The rod handled these fish well. The action is labeled as a 6:4, but it behaves between a 6:4 and a 7:3. It is a great mid flex rod that protects delicate tippet well. I have no doubt that the rod can handle a 3# fish. The only complaint I have about the rod is the ugly “warning” sticker. It comes with a warning sticker in 4 languages telling you not to touch power lines and use it as a lightning rod during a thunder storm. It pealed off easily enough so I don’t have to look at it anymore. Overall this is a great deal for a Tenkara rod under $100. I can’t wait to see what future rod offerings this company has in the future. I have no doubt that they will continue to impress us.

  5. Tim U

    Just received my Tatsu360 rod/starter package yesterday. Very pleased with the shipping time and build quality of the rod and furled line. This is my first venture into tenkara, so I was looking for the best starter package and seem to have found it from DRAGONtail Tenkara. Have not had a chance to fish it yet, but overall very impressed and will recommend to others!


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