DRAGONtail Tenkara Gear

Tatsu360 Tenkara RodTatsu360 Tenkara Rod$69.99

Shadowfire360 Tenkara RodShadowfire Tenkara Rod$89.99

NISSIN Royal Stage Tenkara RodsNISSIN Royal StageStarting at $175.99

NISSIN Zerosum Tenkara RodsNISSIN ZerosumStarting at $229.99

NISSIN Air Stage Tenkara RodsNISSIN Air StageStarting at $189.99

NISSIN Pro Spec 2way zoom Tenkara RodsNISSIN Pro Spec 2wayStarting at $169.99

DAIWA Tenkara RTDAIWA Tenkara RTStarting at $84.99

Oudachi Katana Combo Furled LinesOudachi & Katana Line Combo$30.00

EVA Foam Tenkara Line Holders 6 packEVA Foam Line Holders (6 pack)$6.00

24 Tenkara Flies Combo10 Grave Digger Kabari Flies$14.00

Killer bug yarnKiller Bug Yarnstarting at $2.49

Oudachi Nymphing Tenkara Furled LineOudachi Nymphing Line$18.50

Maxima Tippet LineMaxima Tippet Line$4.00

Maxima Fluorocarbon LineMaxima Fluorocarbon Line$9.95

Sling Strap Attachment for any rod tubeSling Strap Attachment$9.99

Small Plastic 2 Faced Fly BoxPlastic 2 Faced Fly Box$11.99

Tenkara Zip-Top Rod CaseTenkara Zip-Top Rod Case$15.99

Rotary Pedestal Fly Tying ViseRotary Fly Tying Vise$89.99

Tenkara Starter KitTenkara Starter Kitstarting at $18.50

Stylish Tenkara Rod SockStylish Rod Sock$6.00

Moorit/Shaela YarnMoorit/Shaela Yarnstarting at $2.49

Uni-Mohair Leech Yarn 4 packUni-Mohair Leech Yarn 4 pack$8.20

6 Pack Yarn Combo6 Pack Yarn Combo$12.00

Purple Haze YarnPurple Haze Yarnstarting at $2.49

10 Killer Bug Flies10 Killer Bug Flies$14.00

DePuy Spring Creek Quality Furled LineDePuy Furled Tenkara Line$17.00

Bamboo-Rod-TubesBamboo Tenkara Rod Cases$64.95

Fly Fishing Vest PackFly Fishing Vest Pack$79.99

Bracken YarnBracken Yarnstarting at $2.49

Sunset YarnSunset Yarnstarting at $2.49

Mist YarnMist Yarnstarting at $2.49

24 Tenkara Flies Combo24 Tenkara Flies Combo$21.99

Shogun Sinking Furled LineShogun Furled Line$16.00

Katana Furled Tenkara Line - Premium lineKatana Furled Line$18.00

Collapsible Wading Stick with camera mountCollapsible Wading Staff$24.99

2mm Tippet Rings25 Pack 2mm Tippet Rings$3.29

Fly Line NippersFly Line Nippers$4.25

23 inch Tenkara-Rod-TubesTenkara Rod Tubes (new style) $15.00

10 White Zebra Kabari Flies10 White Zebra Kabari Flies$12.00

10 Olive Zebra Kabari Flies10 Olive Zebra Kabari Flies$12.00

9 pack of Dry Flies9 Dry Flies$9.00

Sunline Hi-Vis Tenkara Level LineSunline Hi-Vis Level Line$20.99

10 Red Zebra Kabari Flies10 Red Zebra Kabari Flies$12.00

One-Of-A-Kind Bamboo-Rod-TubesOne-Of-A-Kind Rod Cases$159.95

10 Traditional Kabari Flies10 Traditional Kabari Flies$12.00

10 Red Zebra Kabari Flies10 Red Zebra Kabari Flies$12.00

10 Peacock Kabari Flies10 Peacock Kabari Flies$12.00

Macro-Swivels25 Pack Macro-Swivels$3.79

Easy Hook KeepersEasy Hook Keepers$4.00

Tenkara Rod TubeDiscounted Rod Tube$8.50

NISSIN Hi-Vis Tenkara Level LineNISSIN Hi-Vis Level Line$20.99

Shimano Folding NetShimano Folding Net$59.99

Bushi Furled LineBushi Furled Line$16.00

Otter Butter Line FloatantOtter Butter Line Floatant$5.50

5 thoughts on “DRAGONtail Tenkara Gear

  1. Darrell Root

    Thank you, received my rod today, 3/3/14 , appreciate the updates and am very happy with product, local creeks finally got rain so I’ll give it a try, Respectfully Darrell

  2. Greg Potter

    Received and fished my Tatsu 360 this week. It’s the end of trout season in Michigan but a few marginal streams are still open. I really just went to cast and play with lines and leaders but ended up with two browns and lost a third when I took a call, I hate cell phones. It’s my first tenkara rod so I really don’t have anything to compare against but it was everything I had hoped for, how often does that happen?

    I’m the director for Michigan TU’s Youth Trout Camp in Michigan and I can see us adding tenkara to the curriculum for 2015. The casting is easy playing fish is a ball and the entry cost point means all the kids that come to our camp that are not from fly fishing families can continue flyfishing at home without dipping into their college fund. Exactly what i was looking for.

    I’ll probably be contacting you for a few camp rods this winter/spring.


      1. Greg Potter

        No, I didn’t take the time to tie anything special. I was just swinging bead head soft hackles. This was in a public park in a section that our watershed manager didn’t think was holding trout, that’s the other reason for my outing.

        Since then I let a couple of our other camp instructors use the rod and I wasn’t sure I was going to get it back. They, and I’m sure a lot of other people, didn’t understand that you cast a tenkara rod, not just dapple it.

  3. Paul dunn

    Got my rod this afternoon, stoked! Super fast shipping! Now if this ridiculous weather would clear i’m going fishing!


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