DRAGONtail Tenkara Gear

Tatsu360 Tenkara RodTatsu360 Tenkara Rod$72.00

Shadowfire360 Tenkara RodShadowfire Tenkara Rod$91.99


EVA Foam Tenkara Line Holders 6 packEVA Foam Line Holders (6 pack)$6.00

Bushi Furled LineBushi Furled Line$16.00


24 Tenkara Flies Combo24 Tenkara Flies Combo$21.99

Sunline Hi-Vis Tenkara Level LineSunline Hi-Vis Level Line$20.99


Easy Hook KeepersEasy Hook Keepers$4.00

Otter Butter Line FloatantOtter Butter Line Floatant$5.50


Killer bug yarnKiller Bug Yarnstarting at $2.49

Oudachi Nymphing Tenkara Furled LineOudachi Nymphing Line$19.00


Maxima Tippet LineMaxima Tippet Line$4.00

Maxima Fluorocarbon LineMaxima Fluorocarbon Line$9.95


Bamboo Tenkara Fly Fishing NetBamboo Tenkara Net$42.00

Small Plastic 2 Faced Fly BoxPlastic 2 Faced Fly Box$10.99


Tenkara Zip-Top Rod CaseTenkara Zip-Top Rod Case$15.99

Rotary Pedestal Fly Tying ViseRotary Fly Tying Vise$89.99


Tenkara Starter KitTenkara Starter Kitstarting at $18.50

Stylish Tenkara Rod SockStylish Rod Sock$6.00


Moorit/Shaela YarnMoorit/Shaela Yarnstarting at $2.49

Uni-Mohair Leech Yarn 4 packUni-Mohair Leech Yarn 4 pack$8.20


6 Pack Yarn Combo6 Pack Yarn Combo$12.00

Purple Haze YarnPurple Haze Yarnstarting at $2.49


10 Killer Bug Flies10 Killer Bug Flies$14.00

DePuy Spring Creek Quality Furled LineDePuy Furled Tenkara Line$17.00


Bamboo-Rod-TubesBamboo Tenkara Rod Cases$64.95

Flip Top Fishing GlovesFlip Top Fishing Gloves$9.99


Bracken YarnBracken Yarnstarting at $2.49

Sunset YarnSunset Yarnstarting at $2.49


Mist YarnMist Yarnstarting at $2.49

10 Compartment Fly Box10 Compartment Fly Box$15.99


Shogun Sinking Furled LineShogun Furled Line$16.00

Katana Furled Tenkara Line - Premium lineKatana Furled Line$18.00


Collapsible Wading Stick with camera mountCollapsible Wading Staff$24.99

2mm Tippet Rings25 Pack 2mm Tippet Rings$3.29


Fly Line NippersFly Line Nippers$4.25

Tenkara-Rod-TubesTenkara Hard Rod Tube$15.00


10 White Zebra Kabari Flies10 White Zebra Kabari Flies$12.00

10 Olive Zebra Kabari Flies10 Olive Zebra Kabari Flies$12.00


Faded-Tenkara-Rod-TubesDiscounted Rod Tubes$8.50

9 pack of Dry Flies9 Dry Flies$9.00

One thought on “DRAGONtail Tenkara Gear

  1. Darrell Root

    Thank you, received my rod today, 3/3/14 , appreciate the updates and am very happy with product, local creeks finally got rain so I’ll give it a try, Respectfully Darrell


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