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Little Black Jun Kebari - Tenkara Fly Tying Video

Little Black Jun Kebari - Tenkara Fly Tying Video

How to tie a Little Black Jun Kebari by Brent Auger of DRAGONtail Tenkara. This is a great effective tenkara fly pattern for trout that works great when your bigger flies stop working. Hope you enjoy our many Tenkara Fly Tying videos.

Super simple 2 material fly. It is a Tenkara Jun Kebari because it is a basic soft hackle with the hackle facing the back of the hook. 

Fly Tying Recipe Materials List:

This is a very effective little soft hackle for anywhere trout live. I normally don't fish small flies that much but my dad was fishing this fly a lot last year with great success. I have made it a staple in my fly box this year and it has been great, especially when the fish are not hitting my normal size 12 flies that I fish most of the time. Works great on both small and large fish. 

It is super basic but it is not an easy fly to tie for most beginner fly tyers until they have a little experience under their belt. Mainly because the starling hackle is so delicate and small and so if the fly, which adds some complexity that requires care. 

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Jan Westphal - October 19, 2022

Love your tying videos, please keep them coming.

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