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OROS Screw-On Strike Indicators (3 pack)

Original price $9.90 - Original price $9.90
Original price
$9.90 - $9.90
Current price $9.90
We NOW Have the XS Size!!

Light Weight Strike Indicators Perfect For Tenkara Rods

Although they are not commonly used with tenkara fishing, we do have customers that use strike indicators on their tenkara nymphing setups. We have hooked up with OROS to provide the best strike indicators on the market to you. They are light weight, connect quick and easy in-line on your tippet or tenkara line, and are easy to cast and see. If you want to use an indicator, this is the one to use in the small or extra-small size. 

Product Description: 

Fly Fishing Strike Indicators, Finally Perfected

Strike Indicators Don’t Have To Be Frustrating
“Strike indicators are a pain to use. They have tiny parts to fumble and lose, or are not balanced on the line. Some have parts sticking out that get tangled. Applying, adjusting and removing strike indicators from the line is challenging in the best of conditions, let alone when it is cold. I haven’t found the perfect strike indicator until now.” Patrick Douglas - Founder of Oros Fly Fishing and inventor of the new Oros Strike Indicators.

Breakthrough Design

Exceptional performance
Oros strike indicators enclose fastening hardware inside of two foam hemispheres. When closed, the foam compress creating a pressure fit lock that keeps it on the line and in place, without kinking. Large screw threads make securing it to the line effortless, and it it's even easier to lock in place with wet hands.

Less pain
Oros strike indicators eliminate common indicator pain points. There are no small parts to fumble and lose. It’s streamlined design is centered on the line for balanced casting. There is no exposed fastening hardware or posts sticking out to create drag or tangle line.

Mix or match colors
Personalize color combinations for optimal visibility and sensitivity under various conditions.