Getting Started With Tenkara

If you have questions you can always send us a message or give us a call, see contact page.

You might also consider joining the Facebook group American-Tenkara Anglers where you can ask questions and be a part of a Tenkara community.

Connecting Level Line to your rod tip

CASTING Techniques

Landing Big Fish in Big Water with your Tenkara Rod

How To Find Fish

Seasonal Movements of Trout

How To Use A Zoom Multi-Length Tenkara Rod

ROD NOT EXTENDING? watch this video below

One thought on “Getting Started With Tenkara

  1. Jesse

    Hard not to be skeptical of something when you’ve only seen it on the interwebs, but my good friend and I are planning to introduce fishing to our hiking/backpacking and he found out about Tenkara and passed it along (we’re pretty minimalist). I just went down to the pond to try out my Talon for the first time, essentially figuring on it just being casting practice. Less than 5 minutes and boom… big ol’ Bluegill. I hooked (ok, pun may have been intended).


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