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DRAGONtail Oudachi Tenkara Line

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Customer Reviews

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NEW 2021 Model with better Low-Stretch materials, dual HI-VIS Colors, and includes a NIRVANA Line Holder.

Handcrafted and Made in the USA
Designed by Brandon Moon, Moonlit Fly Fishing

This has been a very popular line over the past 4 years.

This is a great Powerful Sinking Line that is great for nymphing, getting your fly deep, casting in the wind, or casting some heavy un-traditional to tenkara type flies.

The Oudachi is a nymphing line that helps you get your fly down deep where the fish are and it easily turns over most flies, even large flies (such as streamers) at long line lengths. It does this with a furled fluorocarbon tip section. It then has a HI-Vis Orange Section about the fluorocarbon section so you can see where your line is and as also a great visual for depth control and strike indication. The rest of the furled line up to the rod tip connection is a HI-VIS Yellow color. This dual hi-vis colors make it easy to see and track your line.

This is a very effective line for fishing rivers with deeper holes, medium to large rivers, lakes, ponds, and anywhere you want to get deep fast. Having said that, it is still very effective in small streams.

It is also one of the best line for casting heavy flies that don’t cast well on other lines but still works great with weightless kabari flies.

Review of the Oudachi by Jason Klass of Tenkara Talk

Here is what Doug Kinney says about this line:

“Just when I thought all furled lines are created equal and technology progression on such a simple thing couldn’t exist, I discovered Moonlit Furled lines. I’ve had the privilege to test out a number of Moonlit lines extensively in a variety of fishing conditions. The line that stands out the most, and my new regular go-to line, is the Oudachi. Moonlit hit it out of the park on this one. This line is an absolute must have in your line quiver.

I would call this line an intermediate sink tip line for the tenkara world. One that, to my knowledge, has never existed until now. Here is why you need one: If you fish still water, fast water, deep water, beadheads, micro streamers, and swing soft hackles you will love this line because it gets your fly into the “zone” faster. The line is comprised of 3 seamless sections tapered from butt to tip. Butt section, indicator section, and sink tip.

I normally fish longer lines (14-18′) in bigger water. The oudachi casts well on any of my rods and turns over great. I find no problems getting my beadhead or weighted fly to the bottom quickly in the zone while keeping the water line within the indicator section for high visibility to detect strikes as it’s ticking along the bottom. Tie on a soft hackle, let it swing and then give it the Leisenring lift on the dangle and it keeps the fly properly suspended on a controlled ascent to the surface. Get a short strike? Reset the dangle and get ready because it sinks quickly again.

The best part about this line is it can be custom ordered to any length to match the water you fish. The quality is top notch. This is hands down the best wet fly line you can fish.”

Brent Auger’s Testimonial:

“Many of the rivers I fish are a bit deeper than the Tenkara traditional water of high mountain rivers and creeks and the fish are commonly deeper down than I can normally get with a traditional Tenkara line. Since using the Oudachi Nymphing Line, I have been getting into quite a few more fish and bigger fish. This is happening because the Oudachi line has a fluorocarbon sink tip that gets my fly down deep faster.

The Oudachi line also has a hi-vis section right above the fluorocarbon sink tip that helps me visualize strikes and the depth of my fly. The fluorocarbon tip seems to hook into the water allowing me to keep the rest of my line tight and out of the water, making it easy to see the hi-vis section and set the hook without slack in the line. This has resulted in less missed hook sets when nymphing deep.

Lastly, the Oudachi can cast most flies, even heavy large flies. I have even cast quite a few weighted streamers on a size 4 hook faily easily even with an 18 foot Oudachi line, it just turns things over well. Yet it still cast you weightless small flies with ease as well, I still use this line for my killer bug flies and traditional un-weighted kabari flies when I need them to get deep.”