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Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>
Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>

Light PVC Floating Tenkara Line 20ft (with Mono-Core)

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Want a light weight floating PVC Tenkara Line, then this line is perfect for you.

20ft of 0.6mm Mono-Core PVC Floating level taper Fly Line in Acid Blue color. The line is 20ft but you cut it down to the length you want. Comes with a loop on one side for easy connection to your lillian with a girth hitch knot.

Cut the line to length desired. If you want a 12ft line, just cut 8ft off the tip side of the line and you have a 12ft line.

This line floats great, casts easy and is very light (0.6mm diameter). PVC line cut from running line is often overly heavy for tenkara so this light line is a better option. 

PVC line has very little memory and it is gone with a slight stretch of the line.

PVC line does not tangle when pulling snags free. 

PVC line is very durable and will last a long time.

The Mono-Core Makes the line stiffer than regular PVC line for a better casting Tenkara line. 

Just tie a basic overhand knot on the tip of the line (stopper knot) and tie your tippet on behind that knot. About 4 feet of tippet works great for most situations. 

This Light PVC line is heavier than fluorocarbon level line so it does have a bit more line sag then fluorocarbon level line but is still very good presentation. 


Connecting Your Tippet

You can tie an overhand knot at the tip end of the line and tie the tippet on just behind that stopper knot (like you do with level line). 

Or you can tie on a size 3mm tippet ring and tie your tippet to that ring, the smaller sized tippet rings will not work. 

Do not use a nail knot, tippet is so much smaller than the PVC line that it will strip the PVC line. 

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