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Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>
Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>

MUTANT zx380 Rod Replacement Part


Parts for the MUTANT zx380 Tenkara Rod. Just select all the parts you need to replace.

The "Tip Set" comes with the lillian string attached.

*We make our parts as cost effective as we can so you can get back to fishing for less. We do not allow customers to select all the parts to order a whole rod just to get it for less than the whole rod normally is, or to get it while the rod is on backorder. If you broke your whole rod and need to replace the whole thing please contact us and we will work something out.

We do not carry the O'rings for the Butt Cap but the sizes for the O'ring sizes are 1.5mm thickness with the diameter of the bigger one being 8mm and the diameter of the smaller one being 6mm.