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NICHIRIN Tenkara Lillian String Replacement

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Current price $3.25

Fits most all Tenkara Rods, except for rods with very thick tips.

You get 2 pieces that are about 3.3ft long so you can replace several tips or share with friends. 

Lilian String Specs: 

  • Inner Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Dimensions: Approx. 3.3 ft (1m) x 2 pieces
  • Strong braid yarn made from Tetoron

*Do not remove the tip from the second section before gluing on the new lillian, it may end up being too large to go through the second section when you are all done.

To replace the lillian string, first scrape off any dry glue from the tip and then slide on the new lillian about 1/2 inch onto the tip of the rod opening up the end of the lillian and then slide it back off to just 1/8 inch or so on the tip before you apply glue. This will open up the lillian string so you can slide it back down once you apply the glue. Now lightly coat the tip of the rod below the lillian with epoxy about 1/2 inch down the tip, not on the lillian string. Then quickly slide the lillian string down over the glue before the glue sets and wipe off any excess epoxy glue. Let it cure and dry fully before sliding the tip back into the rod.