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Checkout our new Premium (Korean-made) Tenkara Rod >>


Otter Butter Floatant

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Otter Butter is a hand-crafted fly line dressing made in the USA. Otter Butter applies easily with the included chamois applicator and an application should last through a long day on the water. Originally developed for oiled silk fly lines, Otter Butter can be used on pure silk and synthetic furled leaders and tenkara lines and even modern synthetic fly lines (it does not contain any harmful solvents or ingredients). Otter Butter does not contain silicones.

We have tested Otter Butter with our furled lines and it has work very very well. I have not re-applied it to my line for over a month and it is still floating. We highly recommend this line floatant for furled lines.

Manufactures Instructions:
Never apply Otter Butter to a damp or wet silk line, trapped moisture invites mold. Apply to clean fly line with chamois pad at least 30 minutes in advance of fishing – this gives the butter time to set up properly. Make sure the butter gets down into the weave and remove excess. An application should last the entire day.