Vicuna Dubbing Tenkara Blend Collection

A great selection of blended dubbing which David West Beale has designed with Vicuna Dubbing using his knowledge of the Tenkara scene.

Vicuna Dubbing is an entirely natural product made from Alpaca wool which has been dyed and processed by hand to achieve a dubbing which adds the essential buggy effect to your fly patterns.

David West Beale:
“The Tenkara bug hit me about five years ago. Since then I’ve fished all over the U.K. with my Tenkara rod, in pursuit of anything with fins. But Tenkara’s true sweet-spot is in fishing for wild trout in bright upland streams, and it’s here that I’m at my most happy. I’ve spent a lot of time researching traditional Japanese kebari(Tenkara flies) and perfecting my own patterns inspired by the masters.

I’m excited to share my Vicuna Tenkara blend collection – a great tool kit for any fly tier looking to create their own fish-catching kebari patterns.

My naturalistic blends will help lend an authentic look and feel to your flies and can of course be used for western non-Tenkara fly patterns too!”

The Tenkara blends:

  • CHIKYU – Earth
  • MOYA – Mist
  • TAMERIKKU – Turmeric
  • KOKUSHOKU – Black
  • KUSA – Grass
  • UME – Plum
  • MASUTADO – Mustard
  • IWA – Rock