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DRAGONtail IceWING Prototype Tenkara Rod Updates

DRAGONtail IceWING Prototype Tenkara Rod Updates

While we are still working on this rod and may make a few more slight changes but do to the amount of interest and inquires about this coming rod we thought we would make a page that has all the updates, specs (that we are willing to make public at this time), and videos that have been posted by YouTubers.

Launch Date Estimation

We will be launching this rod sometime late 2024, we just don't know quite yet. We have to work it into our budget as well as finalize a few very small changes we might do. Emailing me about the launch date will not get you more info than what is posted here, so please don't email me about this for extra insight.  

Specs / Penny Rating / Measurements

Read Tom Davis's measurements, ratings, and insights here >>

This is a 3 length zoom rod spanning from 390 to 340 to 285 centimeters. 

Collapsed Length is long, 27.6 inches.

It is a very soft full-flex rod action.

Fishing & Review Videos 

Tom Davis (Teton Tenkara) fishing the IceWING: 

Tenkara On The Trail fishing & review 2 videos:

Brent (DRAGONtail Tenkara co-owner) fishing the IceWING:


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