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Checkout our new Premium (Korean-made) Tenkara Rod >>
Checkout our new Premium (Korean-made) Tenkara Rod >>


NIRVANA Kokoro 360 Tenkara Rod (12ft) PRE-ORDER

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Original price $245.00
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Current price $179.99

Pre-Order Launch Special Deal $65 OFF
*Shipment should arrive in Mid-August (possibly later

Formally know as the prototype name "Falcon 360" is now known as the Kokoro 360 rod is in production at our premium Korean factory.

Excellent accuracy, very smooth casting, extra light weight, premium feel and build, and backed by a great American based company.  

Premium Made in Korea

Making a rod that competes on the same level with the premium Japanese manufactured tenkara rods has been a long adventure but this new NIRVANA Kokoro rod IS IT! Now you can enjoy a very premium tenkara rod without worrying about the high price of parts, long shipping/handling time on parts, and parts availability. 

NIRVANA Kokoro 360 Rod Specs:

Collapsed Length: 55.5cm (21.8in) 
Extended length: 366cm (12ft) 
Weight (without tip plug or cap): 68.8 grams (2.42 ounces) 
# of Sections: 8
CCS/RFI: 17 pennies/4.6 RFI
Tippet Rating: 4x 
Handle Length: 26cm (10.24inch)
Rod Action: 6:4 medium-soft

Smooth & Accurate Rod Action

This Tenkara rod has a soft but commanding cast that is buttery smooth, you'll notice it on the first cast. Whether you are casting lighter Tenkara Level Line or Furled/Tapered Lines you will find that it directs the line with ease for very accurate casting and line control to put the fly where you want it. This is done with a shorter slightly thicker tip that forces the rod to load and directs the line better than a thin tip normally does. 

Low Weight

This rod is very low weight at just 2.4 ounces and is very light in hand making it a joy to cast even on long fishing days. This low weight is achieved without sacrificing strength because of a very specialized material blend and weave, sorry not giving out any secrets on that part of the rod design. 

Premium Cork Handle 

Most of our tenkara rods have good cork handles but this rod has very premium cork used for it's handle and you can feel the difference. 

Why we used a Korean Factory? 

The factory we are working with in South Korea is very innovative and skilled to do things that most factories cannot do to get the results we were looking for. Also, the factory we choose is very very good at consistency in materials with very very low variance with premium finish in all their rods. Their work is on par with some of the best Japanese factories that make tenkara rods. 

Plus, if we worked with a Japanese rod brand factory I would probably just get a variant version of one their rods instead of working from the ground up to have our own rod that is just ours. The NIRVANA Kokoro 360 rod is the first rod this Korean factory has ever helped to develop, and it won't be the last with us since we were able to achieve such a high level with them on this first rod. 

Rod Reviews:

Tom Davis's review and Video >> 


Warranty & Parts

Immediate manufacture Defects (or missing items): We replace the defective (or missing) parts free of charge. 

Replacement (or spare) Parts: You can also purchase rod sections (or any part) separately to repair your rod (see replacement parts), our rod part prices are comparable to what you pay for warrantied repairs that other companies offer.


Videos with the Kokoro 360 (Falcon 360 prototype) Rod: 

Why the name KOKORO? 
Kokoro is a Japanese word (or idea) that basically means the "harmonious relationship between one's heart, mind, thoughts, emotions, spirit, and body". It means more than that in Japanese culture but that is the best translation that I know of to the English language. This fits our whole mantra of the NIRVANA ON THE FLY brand, we go to the water and outdoors to get our Kokoro right, corrected, or improved. Kokoro also fits what many believe tenkara is all about as well. So that is why we named this new premium rod "Kokoro" because its smooth effortless performance and quality makes it easier to find that balance in your Kokoro when you hit the water. 

And YES! We will be making more rod lengths for this Kokoro rod series each year in the future!

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