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Hare's Ear Sakasa Kebari - Tenkara Fly Tying Video

Hare's Ear Sakasa Kebari - Tenkara Fly Tying Video

The Hare's Ear Kebari is a very popular selling fly so we wanted to show you how to tie your own. This version is a bit different than the one we offer on our store but it is how I like to tie this very effective tenkara fly. Hope you enjoy.

Fly tied by Brent Auger of DRAGONtail Tenkara.

Fly Tying Recipe Materials List:

The original fly we sell on our website uses partridge hackle but I like to use a speckled brown hackle for this fly personally. 

This is a simple effective soft hackle tenkara fly that should work good especially for trout in mountain creeks & streams. This fly is meant to be fished as a wet fly (sub-surface).

It is a very basic fly to tie.

You can also buy these style of Kebari on our website here >>

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Sare Lanzafame - April 6, 2023

I like em all. Actually – you must admit the Kebari style flies are only Sylvester Nimms style of the American Soft Hackle with a revered hackle on it.
I’ve been a Soft Hackle Fly Addick for over 40 years now.
Soft Hackle Flies are my go to fly of choice
I’m glad to see you guys are catching on to these very effective style of fly.

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