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Amano Sakasa Kebari - Tenkara Fly Tying

Amano Sakasa Kebari - Tenkara Fly Tying

This fly is commonly tied with silk thread, I really like the Semperfli Pure Silk thread for this fly in the Straw color. Mr. Katsutoshi Amano (well known tenkara angler in Japan) commonly tied this fly in his hand without a vise. This is an extremely easy fly to tie and with just thread and hackle. This fly is commonly an off white color with thick silk thread and a variated brown color hackle on a size 12 hook, I believe Mr. Amano uses a Japanese Hen Pheasant feather for the hackle for his Amano Kebari. 

This is my take on the Amano Kebari. 

Fly tied by Brent Auger of DRAGONtail Tenkara.

Fly Tying Recipe Materials List:

This is a simple effective soft hackle tenkara fly that should work good especially for trout in mountain creeks & streams. This fly is meant to be fished as a wet fly (sub-surface).

It is a very basic fly to tie.

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Amano Tenkara Fly


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