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TalonMINI 310 Pocket Mini Tenkara Rod 10ft

Original price $134.99 - Original price $176.99
Original price $149.99
$134.99 - $176.99
Current price $149.99


TalonMINI Pocket Tenkara Rod on the river side ready for fly fishing

This Pocket Mini Tenkara rod is super compact, light weight, flexible 6:4 action, and has a durable construction. Everything we wanted when we set out to design a Mini Tenkara rod. 

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TalonMINI Rod Specs:

Rod Action: 6:4
Collapsed Length: 30.8cm (12.125in)
Extended lengths: 310cm (10.17ft)
Weight: 2.5 ounces (without tip cap)
(we made some adjustments to the butt cap to bring the weight down) 
Rod Tube Length/Weight: about 13.3 inches / 3.5 ounces
CCS/RFI: 15.5 pennies/5.0 RFI
Tippet Rating: 4x
Cork Grip Length: 15cm (5.9 inches)
# of Sections: 14

Here Are Some Highlights: 

  • Very Short Collapsed Length at just over 12 inches (13 inches in the case) it will fit easily in any backpack, motorcycle compartments, strap on bike frames, fit in your airplane carry on bag, in car glove box, or even a hoody pocket. Fantastic for a trail runner, a quick hike, or even a bike ride. Small enough that there is no reason not to take it everywhere you go, just incase you have a chance to fish. 
  • 10ft Extended Length so you can fish most situation from creeks, ponds, small rivers, and mountain lakes. 
  • Medium-Soft Action With A Hint Of Fiberglass. Most tenkara mini pocket rods are stiff due to having so many sections, so we added just the right amount of glass in certain sections to make our pack rod cast like a dream. 
  • Durable Material Blend. Most tenkara mini pocket rods that have a good mid flex are very fragile, this is not the case with the TalonMINI rod. Our blend of materials will stand up to some big fish with no worries. 
  • Light Weight so you can cast it all day with very little fatigue and save weight in your ultra-light backpack. Very durable even without the hard case so you can leave the case weight behind. 
  • Comfortable Cork Handle Grip. Many pocket mini tenkara rods do not include a nice handle, this is not the route we wanted to go. With our TalonMINI you get the compactness and the nice handle for all day fishing with no hand fatigue. 
  • IT IS FUN! We have taken this rod to a few fly fishing expos and everyone just loves casting it and amazed at it's action for such a compact rod. Although it will handle a decent sized fish, it is just the right action to make the little mountain trout plenty of fun to catch. 

Full Description:

At just 12 inches collapsed, there is no reason the TalonMINI can't go everywhere with you so you will never miss a fishing opportunity.

Keep it in the glove box, under the car seat, in a jacket pocket, in any bag or compartment, or strap it on your bike anywhere! It is literally too small to leave behind. Plus, this pocket MINI tenkara rod flat out performs!!!

With our special blend of fiberglass added to our carbon fiber, our TalonMINI gives you a wonderful casting rod flex action without sacrificing rod strength or durability.

From small wild trout, or bluegill, that require sensitivity to some decently sized trout or a nice bass, the TalonMINI has you covered! You will be amazed at how deep this rod will flex when it needs to.

At a little over 10ft long extended, the TalonMINI 310 Tenkara Rod can be used in most fishing situations.

And BONUS!!! Unlike many other mini tenkara rods out there, you still get a nice cork handle.

And of course, you will get DRAGONtail's excellent customer service and all parts available individually at a reasonable price, if you need them.

The TalonMINI has all the compactness without all the drawbacks.


Comparison of the ShadowFIRE 365, Kaida zx320, and the TalonMINI 310 rods:
(it is nearly 7 inches shorter than our Kaida Backpacker Rod)

Comparison of the TalonMINI rod to other Tenkara Rods

Snap-On Line Winder does barely fit the TalonMINI 310 rod.

clip-on line winder on the TalonMINI tenkara rod

The September & November shipment will come with a sock similar to our other rods like the photo below:

About the Creation of the TalonMINI 310 Tenkara Rod

For a long time we have put off designing a mini pocket tenkara rod. It was too hard to get a really nice casting action and any mid flex without totally sacrificing durability like one of the popular mini rods we have seen come out of Japan. And on the other hand when you make it durable it was very stiff action except for the tip sections, like many of them on the market today.

I didn't want to make a mini rod if it fell to one or the other common issues of a mini rod, even if many of our customers where asking for a mini rod. 

During the design process of the Kaida backpacker rod, we figured out how to get both durability and a great casting/fighting rod flex in a very compact rod while still keeping the the rod weight down. This opened up the doors to creating the pocket mini tenkara rod that fit my requirements, all thanks to our new proprietary blend of a slight amount of fiberglass to the right kind of carbon fiber in the right places. 

We were able to achieve this pocket mini rod design and now offer it to you for a much more customer friendly price than the currently available good (or even just decent) pocket mini rod out there. 

Hopefully you will enjoy fishing the TalonMINI rod as much as we enjoyed designing it and achieving design goals. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
J Chase
Light & flexible

Feels like an excellent Rod! It packs down so much smaller than our other ones so it’ll fit in a regular backpack. I’m Excited to try it!

Patrick Sullivan
No reason not to bring it along

I've been fishing the Talon for a couple months now.


1) Handles bigger fish just fine. I tried into some stocker rainbows in the 16-18 inch range. These fish had an unusual antipathy toward being caught. They leapt and dashed around like nobody's business.

2) I've been using a Moonlit 10 foot furled line, switching to #3.5 level when I was in a squirrely stream. Slight adjustment in casting stroke required, nothing unexpected here.

3) The Talon fit completely inside everything I use to carry stuff. Since I often carry a regular fly rod and switch it up when I get the urge, this portability is a major plus.

4) The only thing I don't like is the short handle, and that is a minor beef, completely outweighed by the rod's virtues.

I've got newbies on the schedule, and I am thinking hard about buying another one, because it is so easy to stow away.

Christopher Ludwig
Great casting, easy to carry rod

I love the cast of this rod with a furled line. Just excellent.

This is nothing like the cheaper short rods that you'll see on places like amazon. This rod handles so much better. Worth every penny. Fits perfectly in my Hill People Gear original kit bag (on the diagonal). Fits anywhere really. I need a couple more, just to have one everywhere.

Kevin J.
Beautifully done pack rod

This rod was bought as a small backup rid I could carry in most any bag I choose. It fits the bill perfectly! But offers way more than just packability. This rod has an outstanding action. Generally the more sections you have, the stiffer the rod is. But dragontail has managed to bridge the gap of portability vs action very well. With an RFI of 5, it also bridges the gap between the kaida and mizuchi amazingly.

Don't be surprised, if this rod becomes your main rod!

Fun rod

Mine just arrived
It casts beautifully with a 10-11 ft true #3.5 line (0.31mm diam) - (like many lines the #3 line green line sold here is a 3.5 and works well)
It is very light in the hand and swing weight is low
I could place unweighted and weighted flies very accurately
The cork hand grip is shorter and perfectly placed so grip is on the tapered cork with finger on the rod for sensitivity
Its manufacturing quality appears excellent. Looking forward to testing it fish handling capability, I can already feel it has some strength in the butt
I think the glass carbon mix has produced a wonderful short rod for tiny streams
Packaging is a bit overkill but guarantees delivery - my rod had a rod tip plug with a Fuji tip holder over it, inside a thick high grade rod sock, inside a tough aluminium tube, mailed inside a cardboard box with packaging!
The rod sock is probably an inch or two too short for heavier material but it will ease up over time.
Overall a really nice design and fun to fish rod