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NIRVANA Sling Pack

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Original price $74.99
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Current price $59.99

Customer Reviews

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OK Product

When you move the sling around to from front to back it does not sit parallel to the ground. Rather it is more perpendicular to the ground. Also one of the cords on the side of the pack (opposite the bottle holder) broke off.


This bag is definitely my favorite! It has plenty of room for all my lines, fly boxes and even extra items. It fits perfectly on my back and doesn’t limit my casting possibilities. The extra clip on the sling makes it perfect to attach my net (because I don’t have a long handled net). Overall I would say this bag has plenty of room, is very comfortable, and it’s water resistant. Definitely a great purchase for any angler!

great value

Great sling pack, very fair price. Not huge, but plenty of room for a fly box or two, a bunch of line cards and tippet spools, and basic tools. I only use the main shoulder strap so i can sling it back out of the way or hang it to the left. The Long handle net slot is great for when i'm on the move, but i use the D ring and a retractable lanyard for the net when i'm on the water for easier/quicker access(nice to have both options). The rod holder/water bottle sleeve never sees a water bottle, but is a very handy rod holder, and is perfect for switching rigs on the water when there is no other good place to set down the rod. Overall the pack seems quality made, and fits my needs very nicely. Great design.

Can't Beat It for the Price!

I love this pack. It was the perfect upgrade from my cheap Maxcatch one. The material and construction is very good quality. Perfect size for a day of fishing. I like the zipped pocket on the strap. The only thing that my last sling pack had that I wish this one had is bungies at the bottom of the slot where the net is suppose to go. That way you can carry rods in that slot as well. I can carry three rods in my Maxcatch pack, but I have to get creative with this one, if I want to carry more than one. Still prefer this pack, though, for the quality!


Well made sling bag. Perfect for hiking to Southern Appalachain mountain streams. Plenty of room for spools of line, tippet, fly boxes , water filter, snacks and then some. Light weight, comfortable and durable. Usally attach two rods and hike in to small streams. Also serves well as a small daypack.

This is a great medium-large sized fishing sling pack for fly fishing or tenkara with a lot of great features that make it very convenient. Of course it is designed to carry all your regular gear but it also can carry a spare rod (or 2), hold your rod hands free, and big enough to carry a lunch with your gear to make a great day of fishing even better. 

sling pack

Water-Resistant Material
With the ripstop honeycomb polyester with EVA lined inner walls this bag repels water nicely, only a little bit can slip in through the seams. If you take a quick fall in the water not much of any will get in the bag, I know from personal experience with this bag. 

Comfortable Design
Very Comfortable to wear with a breathable padded shoulder strap and back.

Medium-Large 10 Liter Size
Large enough to fit lots of gear but not overly bulky to where it gets in the way. The pack size is about 13" tall x 9.5" wide x 6" deep. 

Large Main Compartment
Has a Large Main Compartment for lots of fly boxes, gear or even a lunch. Also has a divider and several pockets to organize gear. 

Front Packets
Medium sized shelf compartment pocket at the front with a removable fly patch. Also has an outer rubberized mesh pocket for quick storage of an item or two. 

Long Handle Net Sleeve 
Has a sleeve to carry a long handle net on the backside between the padding. Makes it easy to carry your long handle net without it dangling down to your knees. 

Net Clip Loop
Also has a plastic loop at the top of the sling to clip on a net to carry if that is the preferred option. 

Rod Carry Straps
Velcro straps on the side to carry a rod while hiking or to bring a spare along. 

Water Bottle Holder
Has a water bottle pocket at the bottom of the sling pack with an adjustable strap to hook the top of your water bottle to keep it secure.

Hands-Free Tenkara Rod Holder
I use the water bottle holder pocket as a tenkara rod holder so I can change flies or tippet hands-free. Just slide the rod handle in and let the rod lean forward and it stays at a 45 degree angle while you work hands-free. Obviously you can't do this if you carry a water bottle in this pocket but I usually don't anyway, I put it in my pack if I bring a water bottle. 

Built-In Lanyard
Has a built-in lanyard with a key ring at the bottom side of the bag to attach nippers or other often used accessories. 

Lots Of Connection Flaps
This bag has lots of flaps on the bag to clip on streamside tools.

Built-In Tippet Holder Loop
There is an adjustable loop at the top of the bag for holding your tippet and line spools. 

Front Pocket
There is a small phone sized pocket on the front side of the shoulder strap for carrying small tools or have your phone/camera ready for a photo. This will fit iPhones up to the 13 Pro or similar. 

Reinforced Strap Connections
We have used many bags where the side strap pulls out of the seam where it connects to the bag. We reinforced this area where the strap connects to the bag so it will not easily wear out and pull free.