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NIRVANA 400 Tenkara Rod (discontinued)

Sold out
Original price $179.99 - Original price $214.99
Original price $179.99
$179.99 - $214.99
Current price $179.99

This rod has been replaced by the Ragnarok 400 Rod >> 

We have plenty of parts available if you need them here >>

Premium Quality Tenkara Rod with a Smooth Cast & High Strength

Rod Specs

Fishing Lengths: 13 ft 1 in (399cm)
Collapsed Length: 24 in
Handle Length: 10.5 in
Sections: 8
Weight: 93 grams
CCS/RFI: 19.5 pennies/4.9
Rotational Moment: 6.8

Tom Davis (of Teton Tenkara)
Jason Klass (of Tenkara Talk)

The NIRVANA 400 Tenkara rod is made for American streams and rivers with a smooth cast and good backbone. This rod will be fun whether you are catching small mountain trout, blue gills, or good sized river trout. With it’s long length and strength you will be able to fight larger trout in the 20 inch range or take on a good sized bass. The rod is made to cast both Level Line and Tapered Line very well with a smooth casting action. This is no entry level rod, it is a high end series rod that also looks fantastic with graphics that are made to stand out.

WOWing Graphics and Aesthetics !
We spent a lot of time and money in developing the graphics and aesthetics of this rod to make sure it looked as good as it performed, in other words we did not skimp on any of it. From the graphics to the butt cap, handle, and winding check, it all looks great. When you hold this next to any other rod it is going to stand out in a good way. This may not affect how well you fish but you will enjoy fishing a fantastic looking rod.

High Strength Design
This rod is made with a super high-grade of carbon fiber (a blend of IM12 carbon fibers) with an improved carbon weave pattern to increase the strength and durability of the rod blanks as well. These two factors make this a rod you can depend on.

Smooth Rod Action
This Tenkara rod is a tip soft rod with a slight flex down through the mid sections rod for a smooth cast but has backbone and length for bigger sized fish. The rod will flex quite deeply when the fighting a decent sized fish to distribute the pressure through the rod. It is designed to cast both Tenkara Level Line and Furled/Tapered Lines.

Fantastic Handle
The handle come with either Hi-Quality Cork or Quality Foam, choose your preference. Both the cork and foam handles have a section of durable burl cork at the tip end of the handle for a nice look and also so you can hook you fly in it without damaging the cork or foam. The handle fits your hand very comfortably at two positions so you can switch up positions when desired.

Butt Cap
The butt cap of this rod is made with hi-quality nylon that is very durable, unlike cheap plastic. The butt cap is a rounded shape to allow a comfortable grip even if the rod is held at the very butt of the handle with the butt cap in your palm.

NIRVANA Tenkara rods come with the Universal Tip Cap that wraps on tight and does not accidentally slip off. Many Tenkara anglers buy these universal tip caps to replace the tip plugs on their Tenkara rods because they are just better functionally, we just make it standard on our rod.

Designed For Me
This rod was really designed for me (Brent Auger). I wanted a rod with the quality feel of Japanese Tenkara rods but have more backbone/leverage to also handle Western sized trout around the 16-22 inch range. I also like to fish both light Level Lines and quality tapered furled lines (like Moonlit Furled Lines). The look of a rod’s aesthetics also improve my feeling about the rod I fish and I feel like I went a little overboard on this rod and I love it.

What Is Up With The “NIRVANA” Name?
Many of us go fishing to escape the troubles, worries, and busyness of life. We want to find a state of perfect happiness on the water or in nature away from the world, we want to help you achieve that state of “NIRVANA” on the fly by providing hi-quality products that improve your experience in seeking that goal.

Warranty & Parts
NIRVANA On The Fly is owned and backed by DRAGONtail Tenkara & Moonlit Fly Fishing, which means you will have access to excellent customer service. DRAGONtail will fix any immediate defects free of charge. If you break your rod all parts are available for purchase on the DRAGONtail website so you just have to buy the replacement parts needed.

A few of the bigger fish caught in the testing stage of this rod.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

It was better than expected. Great customer service.


Looks like my wife and I nabbed the last two! Beautifully built, wonderful sensitivity & flex. Casting takes a little bit to get used to, but this rod has has handled everything my wife and I have thrown at it. Thank you!


Love this Rod action is awesome

Steven Hahn
Another Great Tenkara Rod

This is my third Tenkara rod from Dragontail. Along with the Foxfire ZX 280 and the Shadowfire 365, I can angle almost any stream. The Nirvana casts beautifully with either furled or level line. I am 100% sold on the Dragontail line.

Will Dunn
Nirvana 400–Great Fun!

Rod arrived two days after I ordered it from the website. I had it out the next morning. This was my first experience with Tenkara. I’m sold. Hooked up to a nice fish on my third cast. I proceeded to land another 10 fish in the next hour. Loved it. Really fun with the 8-12” Rainbows I was catching. I liked it so much I just ordered a Mizuchi to have something a bit shorter in the arsenal. Anyone want to buy a fly rod?