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Ragnarok 400 Tenkara Rod 13ft

Original price $154.99 - Original price $196.99
Original price $169.99
$154.99 - $196.99
Current price $169.99

One of my favorite rods in the past is the NIRVANA 400 (which is discontinued), the DRAGONtail Ragnarok 400 rod is an upgraded version of this rod with some great improvements. We even kept some similar esthetics that pay tribute to the NIRVANA 400 rod.  

DRAGONtail Ragnarok 400 Rod Specs:

Collapsed Length: 60.9cm (24in) 
Extended length: 406cm (13.3ft)
Weight (without tip plug or cap): 90 g (3.1 ounces) 
Rod Tube Length: 26 inches 
Handle length: 10.25 inches
CCS/RFI: 16 pennies/3.9
Tippet Rating: 4x 
Rotational Moment: 6.7

Tenkara Fishing Rod up close look Ragnarok 400

Long Length, Smooth Cast & High Strength

Smooth Rod Action
This Tenkara rod is a tip soft rod with a slight flex down through the mid sections rod for a smooth cast but still has backbone and length for bigger sized fish, I wouldn't call it a big fish rod but it handles them well. The rod will flex quite deeply when the fighting a decent sized fish to distribute the pressure through the rod. It is designed to cast both Tenkara Level Line and Furled/Tapered Lines very well.

High Strength Design
This rod is made with a super high-grade of carbon fiber (a blend of IM12 carbon fibers) with an improved carbon weave pattern to increase the strength and durability of the rod blanks as well. These two factors make this a rod you can depend on. There is some rumors that we put fiberglass in this rod but that is incorrect. 

Low Casting Swing Weight
This rod has a Rotational Moment rating of 6.7 which is very competitive with very hi-end rods that cost so much more coming out of Japan in a similar length. For a 13ft+ Tenkara rod, it is still a joy to cast and control. 

Brent Designed this rod Specifically for How He Likes to Fish
I (Brent) love to use 13ft rods for most of my fishing if my surroundings allow for it. I fish small rivers and mountain creeks with long rods and this rod is perfect for where I fish most of the time. This rod is soft enough for small wild trout but stiff enough to control a decent sized fish (like a trout in the 20 inch range). 

On creeks I commonly use this rod with an 11ft level line size 3.5 or the light weight Shogun furled line. This gives me a lot of line control and casting control to pick apart currents and work around structures in the creek with less effort so I am just enjoying myself. It also gives me enough height on my back cast when fishing willow creeks that I don't even worry about my back cast getting snagged up in 10ft tall willows.

On small rivers I commonly use this rod with a 14ft or 16ft Shogun Furled Line (light weight furled line). This gives me a little length for longer drifts to get deeper and the ability to reach over currents to ride my fly in the slow edge of the current on the other side. The longer line and longer rod gives me the room and leverage to playout a bigger trout when needed. 

If trout tend to be over 20 inches on a river I will change to using the HELLbender rod but for everything else I use this new Ragnarok 400 tenkara rod if I can. 

Rod Reviews:

Tom Davis's review and Video >> 


Warranty & Parts

Immediate manufacture Defects (or missing items): We replace the defective (or missing) parts free of charge.

One-Time Rod Replacement Warranty: All DRAGONtail Tenkara rods have a ONE-TIME rod replacement warranty for accidentally destroy your Tenkara rod. For the Ragnarok 400 rod the replacement warranty fee is $60 + shipping. This rod replacement is for the rod only, does not include the rod tube or other extras. You must have your purchase receipt for this warranty option.

Replacement (or spare) Parts: You can also purchase rod sections (or any part) separately to repair your rod (see replacement parts), our rod part prices are comparable to what you pay for warrantied repairs that other companies offer.


Videos with the Ragnarok Rod: 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great casting rod.

Randall Kroeck
Love this rod!

Pretty new to Tenkara but the Ragnarok is far superior than the rod i bought from another company.

Malcolm Clark
Ragnarok for the win!

Love this rod! I do have several and this one is my go to for a quick walk to the pond. I managed to break it, but don't be sad. I was looking for nice fat bluegill when a fat 4 pound largemouth decided to take my fly. Yes, I did land him!


My new favorite rod

My favorite rod

I use this for small (<1lb) bass and panfish. It casts wonderfully and the fight on these fish is fun. The rod is very sensitive, I can feel every nibble on a 3.5 line it feels like. I bought an extra tip set because I plan to push this thing to the limits.