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DAIWA PVC Floating Tenkara Line

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great floating long line for still or slow water

These remain reasonably flexible in cool weather and with the added weight cast well with tight loops. It is level (not tapered) so the body is same as tip which helps with casting. The pvc coating makes it float well, and gives it a weight that is heavier than #5 fluorocarbon level lines.
I find the shorter lengths to be too short - but then I typically fish at least a 15ft #2 line on seiryu rods a lot.
I prefer the 7m line version and wish it was longer. as I only use this for long line still water, typically dry fly or nymph under dry ala western style. It casts really well due to weight but needs a firmer rod that is tip flex to get a good loop - fuller flex rods open up the loop too much, like over lining a western rod by two line weights. I also prefer a shorter 13ft rod so I’m casting it more like for 9-10ft western rods - whenusing on 14-15 ft length rods, the torsional strain makes it feel quite heavy in hand, whereas 13ft rods seem to be the sweet spot.
Interestingly, I prefer the braided core Euronymph lines (same diameter) for this, and typically cast it as a 9-10m (25-30ft) line with 9-12ft level 6x tippet, on a suitable tip flex 13ft rod. With a long PVC line this combo behaves closer to a fast action 9ft western rod for casting.


Great so far, waiting to see how well they hold up out on the river.



This tenkara line floats and casts well

0.6mm diameter PVC Floating level taper Fly Line in Acid Blue color. Comes with a loop on one side for easy connection to your lillian with a girth hitch knot.

Comes in 3 sizes: 4 meters, 5 meters, and 7 meters.
You can also cut the line down to the length you desire if it is too long.

Thickness: 0.6mm

Made in Vietnam


Connecting Your Tippet

You can tie an overhand knot at the tip end of the line and tie the tippet on just behind that stopper knot (like you do with level line). 

Or you can tie on a size 3mm tippet ring and tie your tippet to that ring, the smaller sized tippet rings will not work. 

Do not use a nail knot, tippet is so much smaller than the PVC line that it will strip the PVC line.