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Nodachi Tenkara Line (POWER-Taper)

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing for wind

This is one of the first furled Tenkara lines I've purchased and I am beyond thrilled with it. I live in South Dakota where the wind seems to always be blowing at least 20mph which is problematic for accurate casts. Yesterday was my first time using the Nodachi and I am so impressed with its performance. I fished wet flies and landed a 13" rainbow with no issue. The line really holds its own against the wind and will definitely be my go-to as long as the wind keeps blowing.

POWER-Taper made with mostly furled fluorocarbon that cuts right through wind.

Line Features:

  • Furled Fluorocarbon with Power-Taper for easy casting, especially in the wind.
  • Hi-Vis Yellow Color.
  • Quality Japanese Tip Ring smooth enough for use with 7x tippet.
  • Easy to attach loop.
  • Very Low Stretch.
  • Includes Quality NIRVANA Tenkara Line Holder.
  • Designed by Moonlit Fly Fishing, the best furled leader company in the world.
  • Made in the USA

Smooth and round tippet ring good enough for 7x tippet. Made in Japan.
There is not a better tippet ring available.

Hi-VIS Yellow Color.

Why This Furled Line?

Casting In Wind

Because of the density & stiffness of the furled fluorocarbon combined with our power taper (designed by Moonlit Fly Fishing), this tenkara line casts better than other furled or level tenkara lines in windy conditions. Wind can be a pain in the butt for tenkara fishing but it is a whole lot better with the Nodachi Tenkara Line doing all the hard work for you.

Also, because this line is made of mostly fluorocarbon, it will sink and hold your ground in the water so the gusty wind can’t pick your line up off the water.

Easy Casting for Beginners

This line can also be a great line for beginners struggling with a good casting rhythm. Even when you cast improperly it will cast twice as good as other Tenkara lines.

Able to Cast Most Flies

Because the Nodachi line has a powerful casting taper and the stiffness of fluorocarbon, you will be able to cast heavier flies if you want with it. You can still cast weightless flies as well with ease. This would not be a good line for dry flies as it sinks easy.

Great For Winter Fishing

Because it is made of mostly made of fluorocarbon, it is easy to rub off the ice while fishing in sub-freezing temperatures. Plus it casts great in windy conditions, which happens a lot in winter.

Drawbacks of The Nodachi

The heavier back taper of this furled line makes it sag more than our other furled lines that have a weight-forward tapers. This is not much of a drawback when using the line to cast in wind or when learning to cast as a beginner. Even then, the weight of this line is still lighter than many furled lines from other companies.

It is also not as light of a presentation line as our Shogun line or Katana line are but even then it will give you a decent presentation. A little loss in presentation is a small price to pay for better casting in windy conditions where presentation is less important anyway.

This would not be a good line for dry flies as it sinks easy because of the fluorocarbon material used in the Nodachi line. Our favorite Tenkara Line for dry flies is the Katana furled line.

Handcrafted and Made in the USA
Designed by Brandon Moon, Moonlit Fly Fishing