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Versatility Soft-Action Adjustment Sections for Mizuchi

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Make Your Mizuchi Rod Softer Action Rod & More Versatility!

These sections add a little more versatility to your Mizuchi tenkara rod. Swapping in these two soft action sections will make your Mizuchi rod much softer action and also 6 inches shorter in all lengths. This change will turn your Mizuchi rod into a rod that's action and lengths are between the original Mizuchi rod and the FoxFIRE fiberglass rod. 

Read Tom Davis's Spec Breakdown of these sections >> 


Why We Made These Adjustment Sections?
The original Mizuchi rod can be a little stiffer casting action in the shorter lengths, which this stiffness aids in keeping fish out of snags in tight quarters, so it is by design, and it is also great for nymphing. We have had many people who have contacted us wishing it was a softer action mainly in the shorter 2 lengths to make for smoother softer casting, these Soft Action Attachment Sections do just that for those of you who want a softer action Mizuchi rod. We listen and instead of making a whole new rod you need to buy we made these sections you can swap out to make it a different rod. 

Mizuchi Tenkara Rod soft action parts diagram

This includes section 4 & 5 counting from the handle section (or T3 & T4 if counting from the tip section) that you replace the current 4 & 5 sections on your Mizuchi rod with. These soft action sections have Fiberglass added to them to make them much softer without loosing strength, you may loose backbone thickness but not rod strength. 

Because these sections do have some fiberglass blended in and fiberglass is slightly thicker than carbon fiber, we had to make these sections slightly shorter to make sure the taper fits with the other parts properly. Because of this, your Mizuchi rod will be 16cm (6.3 inches) shorter in all 3 lengths. This length change may be a bonus or negative for some of you. The new Mizuchi rod lengths with this attachment will be 324cm (10.62 feet), 274cm (9.06 feet), and 224cm (7.36 feet). 

These Soft Action Attachment Sections are gloss black color so you can tell the difference between them and your carbon fiber original sections if you switch back and forth. 

Also includes a plastic tube to keep the parts in when not being used. 


Watch Skiddy Fishing fishing the Mizuchi with the soft action adjustment sections and hear his thoughts at the end:


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