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Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>
Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>

Tachi Furled Tenkara Line (premium line)

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The Tachi line is probably the best all-around powerhouse Tenkara Lines I have ever used. From weightless kabari & dry flies to weighted nymphs, woolly buggers, hoppers, and even poppers. Most anything you want to cast with your tenkara rod, the Tachi furled tenkara line does it all! For dry flies just use line floatant on the furled line to get a great presentation out of a powerful line.

Our Tachi line is also a great choice for casting in windy conditions or fishing a dropper fly system, this line adds some punch to your cast. It is like our Katana Tenkara line on steroids.

This line is PREMIUM three leg furl that is hard to furl but the results is more power for a smaller diameter and smoother performance.

Handcrafted and Made in the USA
Designed by Brandon Moon, Moonlit Fly Fishing


Tyler H.: “Moonlit’s Tachi furled line performed flawlessly against the strong summer winds of northern Patagonia. Poor fish never got a break. Thank you for producing an awesome furled line.”

David R: "I bought this line thinking that I would use it for trout fishing under breezy conditions. But it also serves me well when pond fishing for bluegill and other panfish. It cast effortlessly and is easy to keep off the water, but anchors nicely when needed. I really like this line!"