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Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>
Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>


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Premium Fly Fishing FLOATANT, Long-Lasting & Temperature-Stable

Great for applying to your flies or furled tenkara lines to make them float. Lasts longer and stays consistent consistency in hot or cold temperatures, will not liquefy in hot temperatures like some other dry fly floatants.

Brent’s Thoughts On This Floatant:

This floatant is way better than Gink floatant because it does not liquefy in hot weather and it lasts longer on your fly and on your furled tenkara line. This equals less applications through the day and better performance on my fly and my furled tenkara line.

I also like it better than Otter Butter line floatant for my furled lines for a few reasons: I don’t have to apply it 30 minutes in advance, I just apply it on the water when I need it. It also doubles as my fly floatant where Otter Butter only applies to my furled line. It still lasts a long time.

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