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Turn Your Mizuchi Rod into a Soft-Action Rod >>

Perdix Premium California Valley Quail Skin

by Perdix
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These are complete California Valley Quail skins.  These are fully matured birds and you get the choice of either the Male or Female.  These have been skinned and prepped with the utmost care and skill.  They truly are a special skin for your tying feather collection.  The varying dun colors of these feathers will cover you just about anywhere you would want a grey wing or soft hackle.  The make good substitutes in patterns that call for feathers that are more difficult to find.  Being that they are a smaller bird the feathers are well suited to Trout sized hooks ranging from a size 10 to 22.  Find unique colors and sizes through the neck of the bird as well as the shoulders of the wings.  Don't over look using these beautiful feathers on some of your favorite dry flies as well.   This is a cool unique natural feather that is tons of fun to tie with.