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Checkout our new Line Hi-Visibility Paint Markers >>


Sakura Solid Paint Marker - Fishing Line Sighter Paint Marker

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Tom Davis mentioned these markers to my one day and I had to check them out and I just can't believe how well they work for coloring up your line for sighters and visibility. 

These industrial solid paint markers work great to enhance the visibility of Tenkara Level Line, Furled Lines, clear fishing line, PVC Line, Mono Lines, Fluorocarbon Line. It basically marks any line with quick dry paint that will last you about 5 outings before needing to be refreshed, which only takes a few minutes. 

Create Sighters/Indicators On Any Line:

  • Quick 6 minute Dry Time
  • Waterproof, non-smear finish, and won't stain line
  • Temperature Stable, won't melt off in hot weather
  • Goes on Solid and Opaque for maximum visibility
  • Enough to mark hundreds of lines in one marker

You can alternate the colors in small sections to make a section more visible, or even put black in-between colors to really give them separation and make the colors pop to your eyes. 

Line Indicator paint on Tenkara Level Line - Sakura Solid Paint Markers

If you are using a clear (or stealthy color) tenkara line, you can add a small sighter section anywhere you want up the line to have as a small sighter that won't disturb the fish but make it easier to see your line. 

Add a different color to the tip section of your hi-vis line with a different color to make it easy to see even in different lighting/background conditions. 

Apply to the line section on all sides and let dry for 6 minutes and your good to go! 

Removable with Alcohol Wipes, 

Available in Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Lemon Yellow, Black, White. 

Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brent V

These markers work great. Add a couple of different colors to your level line and you'll be able to see it in any light condition.

Dave Morris
Work Great.

I'm using the black and orange markers to add a six inch section of sighter to my orange level lines. The black-orange contrasting section really improves the visibility of the line for me. I've tried other markers, but these produce a more opaque coating on the line. Keep an alcohol wipe handy for mistakes and inadvertent contact with the sticky paint.