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Ultimate Tenkara Line Keepers (6 Pack)

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My NEW Favorite Tenkara Line Management System

These Ultimate Line Keepers are very low profile and light weight. They are easy to install and stay secure in place due to its wide o-ring mount with its deep channel and the rubber grip pad on the bottom. Your line will wrap around the ends in a rounded shape that will not kink your line after long storage. Plus you can secure the end of your line under the rubber pad to keep it from unwinding. This system will fit in your rod tube or rod sock for easy deploy when you get to your next fishing spot.

Includes 6 hooks (enough for 3 rods, 2 on each rod), 6 small o-rings, 6-medium o-rings, and 6 large o-rings. 

99% of the time you will just need the small o-rings unless you have a very thick rod like a keiryu rod or a honryu rod, so start with the smallest o-ring.

    So Much Better Than Easy Hook Keeper System

    I used to use the EZ Hook Keeper system which trend was started by Jason Klass. They were great in some ways but terrible in so many other ways. They were not invented to be a tenkara line management system but rather a HOOK KEEPER. Our new line keepers are created with tenkara line management in mind and fix the many issues that EZ Hook Keepers have.

    Here are a few of the highlights of what makes our Ultimate Tenkara Line Keeper system so much better than the EZ Hook Keepers for tenkara line management:

    • O-rings don't slip off easy, the grooves for the o-rings are deep and hold very well.
    • No little wheel attachment that breaks off, the keeper is a one piece part.
    • Won't pop off if you bump them or look at them wrong, in fact they are a little hard to take off. The wider o-ring mount keeps it from twisting side to side or from flipping over like the EZ Hook Keepers do.
    • No more KINKY line! The wraps over the ends of these keepers is more rounded so it won't leave your line looking kinked up when you store it long periods of time.
    • Don't slide easy up and down your rod because these keepers have a rubber pad on the bottom that grips your rod.
    • These keepers allow you to secure the end of your line under the rubber pad on the bottom of the keeper so your line does not come unraveled.
    • You also get more for your money. for the cost of 2 EZ Hook Keepers you get 6 DRAGONtail Ultimate Tenkara Hook Keepers (enough for 3 rods).


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