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Golden Peacock Sakasa Kebari

Golden Peacock Sakasa Kebari

Sakasa Kebari are the most recognized type of kebari pattern.  They are a reversed soft hackle meaning the hackle faces forward over the eye of the hook, rather than towards the back of the hook.  It is tied with a soft flowing hackle that creates tremendous movement in the water current, or on a pulsing twitch.  This movement from the current or twitch breathes life into the fly, and triggers a fish to feed.  This makes them very effective to fish, and are a true attractor pattern.


This pattern is tied in a golden yellow with black hackle, and peacock substitute ribbing, and collar. This helps add depth, and definition to this fly.  We love having depth and definition in our patterns.  You can change this pattern up very easy by changing thread and hackle color.  Let's see where your artistic style takes you!!!


Materials List

Hook: Moonlit Competition Barbless Hook ML061 sz10-14

Thread/Body: Semperfli Classic Waxed 6/0 Yellow

Ribbing/Collar: Semperfli Peacock Quill Substitute XSmall

Hackle: Whiting Red Label Hen Cape Black


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