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What is a Tenkara Futsu Kebari?

What is a Tenkara Futsu Kebari?

The Futsu Kebari (kebari means "fishing fly" in Japanese) is a stiff hackle (dry fly hackle) tenkara fly associated with Japanese Tenkara Fishing. It is not meant to mimic a specific insect but is more general profile of food. This fly can be uses similar to a dry fly (especially when treated to float) or it can be fished as a stiff hackle wet fly. Japanese tend to keep their Futsu Kebari simple but there is no hard rule stopping you from going a bit overboard and having a lot of fun tying your Futsu flies.

The FUTSU Kebari is more commonly used in Japan but is sometimes forgotten about in the USA because the Sakasa Kebari with its forward hackle has been the iconic tenkara fly that most USA tenkara anglers connect to tenkara as a symbol. The last few years as people in the USA have began to learn about Futsu Kebari it has started to grow fast in popularity (#teamfutsu) and I think it will be very popular in the near future in the USA. 
I commonly use size #14 or #12 hooks for Futsu Kebari. Most Futsu Kebari are tied on straight shank hooks like dry fly hooks of nymph hooks.

My Favorite Barbless Hooks for Futsu Kebari:

  1. Moonlit Togatta ML101 hook
  2. Moonlit Togatta ML251 hook
  3. Moonlit ML052 hook
  4. Dohiku HDD 301 hook

My Favorite Hackle Feathers for Futsu Kebari:

My Favorite Body Materials for Futsu Kebari:


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If you feel we missed anything in our article about Tenkara Futsu Kebari, or have errors in our information, please let us know in the comments section below.

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