Swiss CDC Multi-Clamp (Dubbing Clip)

Premium Dubbing Clip For Use With Dubbing Loops

This modern material clamp is made of high-strength stainless steel. The surface is not dazzling. The design is modern but at the same time trimmed for functionality. The clamping range is open so that it is possible to bundle up and work on the trapped material with your thumb and forefinger without any other tools. The jaw is pointed shaped thus it is possible to go directly into the deer hair. Therefore you can take it over the entire jaw width into the dubbing loop. Moreover, artificial material like craft-fur or fake-fur can be picked up directly out of the mat into the clamp. Thus, our multiclamp can be used not only for traditional fly-tying with our CDC materials. So, we address also fly-tiers who must get much artificial material into the loop by tying streamers. A ruler in a 5-mm graduation is lasered on at the jaws so that the material can be tied in in the same amount every time. Another advantage has our multiclamp while using coarser hair dubbing. The loose hair can be picked up from the table because of a small radius at the clamping edge.

This multiclamp is a non-daily multifunctional tool excelling the quality of previous dubbing clip tools. A tying tool in Swiss quality.

  • High-strength non dazzling model
  • High quality, whole clamp is made of stainless steel
  • High clamping force
  • Open clamping range
  • Material can be picked up directly out of the hide
  • Material can be bundled up directly through the open clamping range
  • Ruler at the jaws so that the amount of material is the same every time
  • Loose hair can be picked up directly from the table

DAIWA One Touch Folding Damo Tenkara Net

Out Of Stock

This light weight net folds up making it easy to carry, transport, or put in your pack. This net folds up quick-n-easy and unfolds even quicker with just a flick of the wrist, see video below.

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The net has a storage pouch with a belt loop on it.

Net weighs: 6 oz in pouch or 4 oz just the net.

How to fold:

Kebari & Tenkara Fly Tying Ideas

I may not be the best tier but you don’t have to be to make great Kebari or Tenkara Flies. I decided to start this page with a visual archive of some of my favorite Tenkara-related flies, I hope to grow this page quite a bit over this year (hopefully my photography will get better as we go as well).












Size 6 Grave Digger Variation

Size 6 Grave Digger Variation






Tenkara Soft Hackle Fly






Great shape for Kabari Flies






The Shadowfire Rod & Big Fish

shadowfire-tenkara-rod-1So we released our new Shadowfire tenkara rod recently and it is a big step up from our Tatsu rod in quality and performance. Our Shadowfire was designed to be a softer, lighter, and more balanced rod than the Tatsu. The Tatsu was designed to perform well and have lots of backbone to handle big fish, where with the Shadowfire we didn’t really design it around big fish but more for casting performance.

As we began to test the Shadowfire rods from our first shipment from the factory, we were pleasantly surprised at how well it stood up to larger trout. The first large trout I landed on the Shadowfire was a nearly 23″ rainbow, bigger than any fish I have yet to land on my Tatsu. The rod didn’t have the backbone to control the fish like the Tatsu does but it was strong enough to take the long tough fight.

Since that first large rainbow I have caught several fish ranging from 17-20 inches and the Shadowfire made it through some tough battles. I don’t want to say that the Shadowfire is a big fish rod, because it is not, but if you hook into one you can fight it with some confidence that it is not a weak tenkara rod.

We hope you enjoy the Shadowfire Tenkara Rod as much as we do, no matter what size the fish you catch.