Tenkara Flies for sale

We offer a large variety of Tenkara Flies and Kebari. Some of our most popular Tenkara flies are the Utah Killer Bug, Hare’s Ear Kebari, Red Zebra Kebari, Grave Digger Kebari, and the Pheasant Tail Kebari. A great cost effective way to go is our 24 Variety Tenkara Fly Pack.


24 Tenkara Flies Combo24 Tenkara Flies Combo$25.00

18 Sakasa Kebari Tenkara Fly Pack18 Sakasa Tenkara Fly Pack$17.99


Grave Digger Kebari flies12 Grave Digger Kebari Flies$15.00

12 Killer Bug Flies12 Killer Bug Flies$15.00


12 Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle Flies12 Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle$15.00

12 Hare’s Ear Kebari Flies12 Hare’s Ear Kebari Flies$14.00


12 Zebra Kebari Tenkara Flies12 Zebra Kebari Flies$10.00

12 Copper John Style Kebari Tenkara Flies12 Copper John Kebari Flies$10.00


12 Peacock Kebari Flies12 Peacock Kebari Flies$14.00

12 Pheasant Tail Kebari Flies12 Pheasant Tail Kebari Flies$14.00


24 Nymphing Flies24 Nymphing Flies$24.00

Small Plastic 2 Faced Fly BoxPlastic 2 Faced Fly Box$11.99


The Brook Box (Silicone Insert Fly Box)The Brook Box (Silicone Fly Box)$35.99

Brook Vest Fly Patch / Zinger Fly PatchBrook Silicone Fly Patch$12.99

Slim Magnetic Waterproof Fly BoxSlim Magnetic Fly Box$11.99


One thought on “Tenkara Flies for sale

  1. Sare Lanzafame

    I’ve been tying for about 30 years now.
    I tie every thing from Bluegill to Trout to Bass flies.
    I’ve recently bought and tied with your yarn.
    I like the 6 pack combo – very versatile.
    I also like the “Grave Digger” fly.
    I use your yarn in place of dubbing for many of my nymph patterns and of coarse “Killer Bug” patterns.
    It’s much faster than dubbing and I can use it on flies down to 24’s.
    Good stuff – Keep up the good work.
    Sare – St. Louis MO.


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